Friday, 13 March 2015

From ScottB - 54mm Turks for NZ Gallipoli Diorama (125 Points)

I just finished the latest batches of Turks I have received for the Gallipoli Diorama project, as previously discussed...

The first set of 10 figures are more metal figures in an advancing pose, with rifles held across the chest, two different hat styles; a simple round cloth cap, and also a kalpak with cover, which protects the wearers back of the neck from the sun, I am guessing, as it looks a little like a French Foreign Legion style headgear...

10 Rifles

Again I have not based them as they will be pinned directly into the Diorama Board.

The latest news I heard about this is that the Perrys themselves will by flying over to NZ to help set up the diorama!

The next set of 10 figures are a set in a casaulty pose. These figures were some kind of resin. A little like GW Finecast, but it felt stronger, more resilient.

10 Casualties

These were quicker and easier to paint obviously - no rifle to do, and only one side to paint!

And as you can tell, this time around for both sets of figures I have gone with various shades of tunic and trousers, puttees and hats as would reflect a more 'on campaign' worn look.

I droppped these off to Sam at the club tonight, and as yet there were no spare models to collect for painting, so I have a little more free time to get back to working on my own stuff, for a few days until the next batch arrives, possibly just afer the weekend... depending on how long NZ customs decides to hang onto them for!

So with only a week to go, this may(?) be the last submission I have time to get finished... but I have a few bits and bobs I may be able to finish and sneak in... I'll try my best...

From Curt:

It's great to see some more of this very worthwhile project Scott. Those Turkish infantrymen look terrific and you've done a fine job on the casualty figures as well. 

I'll cross my fingers that you can get in another submission before the curtain drops, but if not it has been a pleasure as always Scott!


  1. Great work again, the finished diorama will be something special


  2. Lovely Scott. There is something slightly chilling about the larger scale casualty figures

  3. The whole diorama project makes me wish I lived 12000 miles closer.

    1. That's spooky... when I was back in the UK I had a gaming buddy called... Martin Cook!

  4. Great work, I will soon have to pick up a bunch of these too!

  5. Excellent work on this most worthwhile endeavour. Cheers Scott