Wednesday, 30 December 2015

From JamieM - Time Spent in Recce (50 Points)

This is my second Painting Challenge and I have started it just like I did my first one..... Lots of excitement, masses of stuff started and nothing finished! So, instead of getting disheartened I decided to get a couple of simple things done to get some points on the board...... I remembered I had some 15mm soviet scouts and BA-64s that were based and undercoated that shouldn't take too long.

First up are the scouts, with unfortunate German prisoners.... I shamelessly "took inspiration from" the Model Dads blog who did this first. The surrendered Germans are from Peter pig and the thing I like most about scales smaller than 28mm are the fact you can make little dioramas on the bases like these.

These unfortunate "tongues" have been snatched and are being taken for de-briefing.....

The dark amoeba pattern that I tried to paint on the scouts has largely been lost in the brown wash, but such is the way of things!

Next up are 4 BA-64s.
Not the most inspired sculpts by battlefront, with the same chap poking out of the top of all 4, but they were nice and easy to get together and paint up.

I'm never sure how to add decals to Soviet WW2 vehicles as it seems to have been pretty randomly applied in reality, but I like the fact they add some interest to the mono colour vehicles, so add them I did.

Sadly these add exactly zero points to my 30k challenge, but they get me started and should (hopefully) give me the encouragement I need to get my other plans moving.
It's good to see you on the scoreboard Jamie! These Soviets looks great and I especially like the prisoner vignette - simple yet chillingly evocative. 
Welcome aboard and I look forward to your next entry (no pressure). :)


  1. Nice start Jamie :)

    I could just about make out a hint of the camo pattern. Next time try to go somewhat lighter/brighter with the green so that the brown wash doesn't obscure it so much.

    1. Thanks Tamsin, I was guilty of being lazy and using the same wash that I use for German camo and plain soviet tunics, whereas the "dark brown on light brown" of these chaps needed a more subtle approach.

  2. The armoured cars are very nice indeed. You can almost see them whizzing across the fields and Meadows of Easter Europe and down the dusty dirt tracks. While the scouts could not wiz in quite the same way just as good.

  3. Good work on both the Armored cars and the infatnry with prisoners.

  4. Good stuff. I'm trying to not have any weeks with a goose egg this year. Some points, any points is always a motivator for me. Keep it up.

  5. Great entry Jamie - I love the prisoner diorama in particular.

  6. Really like the prisoner base, nice also to see the thin scinned cars, good to see you started


  7. Nice 64s Jamie! You've got a real depth of colour on the Russian Green.

  8. Very well done! Realy like your little vignette.

  9. Very nice! The diorama is a great little piece.

  10. Very nice work! I like the trucks, but really like the scout vignette!