Wednesday, 30 December 2015

From TamsinP - I'll Be Max (10 Points)

When I got back from my Christmas break away from London, I decided I wanted to get a few more points in before I set to work on my 6mm Confederates. So I decided to paint up a couple of (post?) apocalyptic character figures, and what better pair than these?

Getting the pallid, greyish skin tone wasn't easy, but I think I pulled it off OK. I'm not so sure about the blue-green tinge I gave to the bruised lumps on his face though.

With both wearing so much "black" leather, I had to go to take drastic action to create some differences between the different clothing items, using different basecoats washed with black, then mixing various greys and browns into the black for the layered highlights.

Once again, the smooth transitions from the layering doesn't show up that well in the pics compared to the reality. Sorry, but there isn't a lot I can do about that I'm afraid.

These two are both 28mm from Hasslefree. They don't seem to be showing in the web catalogue at the moment though.

That should give me 10 points towards my target. I am slightly behind, but then again I haven't done any points bombs yet!

"I'll be back!"

Nice work Tamsin. I like what you've achieved with the fleshtone on Arnie - you can especially see it in the last image when compared to that of the Road Warrior. Best of luck with your upcoming Rebs!


  1. Nice work. I like your subtle shading. I am always so prone to go for the more 'cartoon' effect. I like what you have done.

  2. You have captured the film image very well. And what a pair, Brings back memories of the Movie youth.

  3. Superb Tamsin, but I think they are from Studio Miniatures, Hasslefree were certainly holding their stock for a while, but it looks like they have parted company for the time being.

  4. well done Tamsin! a great work on black leather!
    you put us in a real nostalgia with this entry ( our young days are so far).
    " the lord Humungus is talking to you!!!!!";-)

  5. Nice work working with a single color palate is tough you did a great job.

  6. Positively oozing atmosphere these guys well done!

  7. Great figures! Photography is a whole other aspect to the "art" of the hobby. It can be very frustrating at times. I personally think that white backgrounds are the main culprit in a lot of the pictures that look under exposed. Your cameras white balance is trying to compensate for the background and makes the figure look super dark.

  8. Great work Tamsin. I sympathize with challenges on getting the photos right as well...

    Excellent job on the muted colors - still shows up very well. Looking forward to seeing all the 6mm confederates!

  9. Great figures, always fancied these figures and you've done a top job

  10. Very nice return shot, I await the 6mm bomb LOL


  11. @ Curt - cheers! I think ti was a good idea to submit them together to help show the flesh-tone contrast :)

    @ Eric - thanks. It's much more work this way, but the results are very pleasing to the eye (if not the lens) :)

    @ Barks - I wouldn't want to put money on that contest ;)

    @ Clint - good to hear that I captured the film look :)

    @ Loki - cheers mate :)

    @ Michael A - thanks! :)
    I was wondering if they were being supplied by someone else. Now you mention it, I do recall someone saying they were Studio Miniatures.

    @ Gilles - curses! I could have done these for the Nostalgia round!
    Glad you like them :)

    @ Dave D - ta! :)

    @ Adam - it certainly made it interesting getting the tones distinct enough to show some difference.

    @ Sander - thanks! :)

    @ Sean - thanks! Strangely, I find I get better results taking pics against white.

    @ Greg - cheers! It's not so much that the colours are muted, but that the highlighting is so gradual that you don't really see it in the digital pics (at least at this size).

    @ Martin C - thanks! :)

    @ Ian - and what a bomb it will be :)

    @ Juan - thank you! :)

  12. "Haven't done any points bombs yet"
    Haha! 6mm points bomb on the horizon then!

  13. These have come out a treat, so many systems to use them with.....

  14. Well done Tamsin! I think you've actaly nailed the greyish flesh tone.

  15. Very nice indeed! I'm planning on painting a lot of black tones this year, so I'm sharing your pain in advance. :)

  16. 5 stars for rendition of two of my favorite 80's kids think they are old films with weak effects, the Lil Philistines ;)