Friday, 29 January 2016

From AlexS - Antiquity and Napoleonics (533 points)

Several components today.  Up first, a small brigade of Russian infantry. I've always dreamed about big battles on small tables. And miniatures in 10mm scale suited to this very well. So I decided to try to paint two small (size and scale) armies for the Napoleonic wars. Before you is an Infantry Brigade of the Russian Army.

One stand has one regiment, and we have two musketeer regiments, and one regiment of Jaegerone artillery battery and General. It probably would have been correct to make the four infantry regiments and two Jaeger Regiments, but I decided it would be a reserve brigade or brigade who have suffered losses. 

I do not know if I'll continue to work on this scale, and the era in the framework of the event, but I liked to work again on this scale.

Next are some random individual 28mm Napoleonics. I do not always get to paint large groups at once. Sometimes I make small pieces, and then compose them into a whole. The following photo - just show these little pieces.

Three foot dragoons:

Three bases of grenadiers:

Three bases voltigeurs:

Unfortunately, they have not yet become part of the whole, but more on that below.

And last, some ancients. Since my childhood love affair Sprague de Camp "Arrow of Apollo" and I have always admired the history of Sicily - especially in the ancient period. So I decided to put together a small army of Syracuse.
The main troop was the phalanx consisting of 50 hoplites:

A must in this army was ballista. This is Syracuse, is not it?

And no less important for this army of mercenaries. I chose the barbarian cavalry for this purpose.

 General view.

A total in this submission of 80 different 28mm foot castings, 6 mounted 28mm castings, one artillery casting in 28mm, and and another group of 10mm as well - 67 infantry, 2 guns/limbers and one mounted. 

This is the last "Painting bomb" from me. Two weeks ago, my second daughter was born, and now the time that I was assigning to paint will be taken by my children. I tried to paint instead of sleeping, but it turned out to be a bad idea. So I had to put aside the big projects, but I'm still going to paint and share with you our work and history.
Wow Alex, this is quite an astounding painting "bomb" indeed, with a wide variety of figures from two excellent periods/eras.  The volume, together with the quality, are indeed incredible - no doubt you have been painting instead of sleeping! I think we have all tried fact, that is my plan for tonight, in the hopes of cramming more in for tomorrow...

On behalf of Curt and all of the Challengers, congratulations on the arrival of a second daughter! I'm further amazed that you are getting any painting done at all as you must be busy with a young family! We can certainly understand more time being focused now on the kids, although I suspect sleep will remain in short supply for you :)

This "last" painting bomb nets you a whopping 533 points - a nearly Tamsin-esque level of points...congratulations!


  1. Congrats on the baby girl! Cool miniatures as well.

  2. Congradulations on the Baby girl and on pasing Martin into the top spot!

  3. BOOM! - what a wonderful paint bomb. More importantly congratulations on the new arrival - now that is truly an important event

    Enjoy your sleep deprivation training

  4. Great looking figures. Congratulations on the new little one.

  5. Welcome to the two-kids parents club!

  6. Congrats on you new addition. That is a epic submission. You may have stomped all over me but hopefully I can see hulk hogan's finger waggling

  7. Congrats on the new addition. Love the figures, my first army was Later Hoplite Greek so the Syracusans are my favourites.

  8. Great work, do not let the wife take all the credit! And on the painting as well. I am tempted by 10mm Napoleonic's and if I was to do Napoleonic's that would be my scale of choice

  9. Hi Alex,
    Congrulations for all the nice additions,the baby and the figures ;-)
    all the best.


  10. Wonderful work Alex! :)

    Congrats on the birth of your second daughter :)

  11. First, a big congratulations on the arrival of your second daughter. I can imaging you are very busy (and sleep deprived) right now.

    Fabulous work as well. I particularly like those Hoplites.

  12. KABOOM! A huge paint bomb here-you are now in the lead and the first to crack the 2,000 point total.

    But more importantly, congratulations on the birth of your daughter. Enjoy her, sleep and paint when you can.

  13. Congrats mate! We have a second one on the way as well so I can relate;-) the figures are superb too!

  14. Congratulations dad... An great entry ..

  15. Holy smokes!!! That's an impressive effort Alex, even more so because of the quality and your recent arrival.

    Congrats on your new arrival and you have my sympathy. One "Daddy's Little Girl" is enough to melt the strongest of hearts. I have no idea what two can do... :-)

  16. Many thanks to everyone for the congratulations and appreciation of my work. I am very pleased and it is important to read your words.Forgive me for not writing to each answer, I decided nevertheless to sleep :)

  17. Points bomb! Very nice work in so many genres.

  18. Beautiful points bomb, Alex! Congrats on the latest addition to your family too!
    Your Nappies are very Impressive, I really like the bronze on the Syracuse lads!