Friday, 29 January 2016

From SylvainR - Curtgeld: North-West Rebellion leaders (60 points)

This is my interpretation for "risk takers": the three leaders of the North West Rebellion who took arms against the Canadian government in 1885. Holding the cross and the bible is Louis Riel, the spiritual leader. Wearing a "Hudson Bay" blanket is Chief Poundmaker, who made great efforts to improve the living conditions of his people. Finally, galloping on his horse, is Gabriel Dumont, a buffalo hunter well respected among the Metis. The figures are from RAFM.

I would have prefered the horse to be in a still pose and have Dumont confer with the two other leaders. Given that the horse is galloping, it would have been nonsensical to put them all in a vignette.

The house in the background was built by my dad 40 years ago. I fixed it and repainted it two months ago.  

If Riel did not constantly hold back Dumont, the NW Rebellion would have been quite different. Dumont was an expert at guerilla warfare, while Riel was expecting a manifestation of God.

Sylvain, this is so awesome - a Curtgeld entry that speaks directly to our history and culture here in Canada and on the Prairies. As a Manitoban it is cool to see these figures, and to see some of our history shared with everyone here in the Challenge.  These are very well done - the "Hudson Bay" blanket instantly stands out for me, but the brushwork on all three is excellent. 

Well done Sylvain, another 60 points for you.  We await your submissions next week!


  1. What a perfect choice for your Curtgeld Sylvain. Nice characterful figures and Curt gets a 3 for deal!

    Well done sir!

  2. This is fantastic Sylvain, thank you so much! I have an upcoming project involving the Riel Rebellion (or 'Insurrection' or 'Resistance' depending on your sensibilities) so I really look forward to seeing these in the flesh.

    I agree with you in that if Dumont had been allowed to act as he saw fit Middleton would have been very hard pressed not to be defeated by the Metis.

    I also love that your Dad's work is getting a bit of press here - wonderful stuff.

    1. I guess building miniature houses passes from one generation to another. Sophie is currently building a replica of my dad's house.

  3. Lovely figures Sylvain and a useful history intro :)

  4. Fab entry. My only knowledge of this event is the Gary Cooper movie North West Mounted Police. Nice to know a bit more

  5. A wonderful entry Sylvain. The "family history" part was especially poignant. Well done mate.

  6. Great Curtgeld Sylvain. Love the figs, love the house and love the story. Also great to have the Canadian connection. Are those Rafm figures?

  7. Great Curtgeld choice! Very interesting subject

  8. The story in itself is great, but the figures are really well done as well great stuff!

  9. This is so cool I rate it as ice cold! The history and links to Canada are spot on I only wish I had thought of it!