Tuesday, 23 February 2016

From BrettM - German Infantry (56 points)

Been a while but finally got some stuff done and ready to post. Have to admit I enjoyed painting the US infantry more than these Germans.

I of course somehow lost a base for these infantry so was unable to base the last 4 I had painted. I realize that will be a deduction on points. However I have to order more bases from battlefront and who knows how long that will take.

I have 25 guys that are painted and based. I have that as 50 points. The other 4 guys not based would be an additional 8 points minus any non basing point deduction. I swear I read that somewhere but now can't find it. Apparently I need to overhaul my way of keeping track of things in my office.

Ahhh, the infamous lost base. I imagine that we've all been in that situation at some point. Nice work on these Germans, even if you didn't enjoy painting them as much.
You did read correctly that minis which aren't based "appropriately" score less - it's a 25% reduction. That means that this entry will score you 56 points.


  1. Those look good, Battle Front Plastices are quite nice and paint up well.

  2. Good job Brett! I smile at the guys storming the comb ridge. :)

  3. Nice work Brett. That comb is in real trouble!

  4. While you may not have enjoyed them as much as the Americas they have still come out very well indeed. I would be happy with them and so should you be.

    If you Live in the UK drop me a line I have a couple of spare FOW bases.

  5. The did come out very well for not liking them as much as the GIs. ;)
    I bet the base is nestled with the missing left socks. I'm certain there is a household gnome that loves tiny,important pieces from model kits! ;)