Thursday, 4 February 2016

From EvanH - 28mm Pulp Adventurers (12 points)

I took three weeks' holiday and had hoped to get in some painting...

Well, what with babysitting our granddaughter on a couple of delightful occasions, and gallivanting off to the Southern Highlands and Tasmania, I didn't manage to get much else done (The fact that both locations have some remarkably good wineries, excellent food, impressive scenery, and are several degrees cooler than the humid hothouse nightmare that is Sydney in summer is probably immaterial. It was for my health, OK? Especially the flask of excellent Tasmanian single malt whisky, which was for purely medicinal purposes).

So here are the two figs I was able to paint and base to completion; two of Mark Copplestone's excellent 'High Adventure' range of Pulp figures. Mr Copplestone's sculpts are clean, precise, and are cast to a high standard, and I hope that I have done them justice. Both figs are painted with a combination of Citadel and Vallejo paints.

First up is Pecos Bob, a scowling ruffian with a flash waistcoat and a disreputable-looking cigar clamped in his granite jaw.

That said, he is actually kind to animals and gives generously to charity. But cross him, and you'll find yourself thrown bodily into the nearest patch of prickly pear!

The prickly pear plant was modelled from Green Stuff, to give the base a bit of a lift and the miniature as a whole a sense of place.

And here is one of Copplestone's Dinosaur Hunters, whom I have christened Algernon Caldecott-Bugg.

Algernon is an authority on the insects of the Amazon Basin, but is terrified of actually encountering them in the wild. He therefore carries his trusty shotgun loaded with bugshot* whenever he is in the field.

"Some of those butterflies are quite large..."
The fern on the base was assembled using brass-etched components from an old Citadel basing set.

Of course, with all the Lost World-related activity so common in the 1920s and 30s, the possibility exists that Algy may encounter some very large insects indeed...

"I warned you that this could happen, but NOOOO, you were all 'Of course there won't be any giant man-eating beetles on that mysterious mist-shrouded plateau, Algy, leave the elephant gun at home...' Well, WHO'S LAUGHING NOW?"

So that's two 28mm figs for a princely 10 points - who knows, I might get my total into triple figures by next week!

Stay tuned...


*Credit where credit is due, the 'bugshot' quip was actually the work of my youngest son. He's not even a dad, but he's able to come up with a proper Dad Joke at the drop of a hat. Truly, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Very nice indeed Ev, although I can't help but wonder that you might have painted a third mini if you'd spent the time more wisely instead of detailing your holidays delights at such length!
My curmudgeonly thoughts aside you've done a cracking job and I'm sure the esteemed Mr Copplestone would agree. I particularly like the scholarly opaque look to Algy's specs which I'm sure will make encountering things with more than 4 legs much less traumatic. 
10 points for painting and a couple more for cactus sculpting. Well done! Now... what's next?


  1. well done Evan! great paintwork and basing.

    Millsy, thanks for the wording on apples and trees ( Newton influence perhaps?), in french we say: dogs don't do cats ( less poetic I must admit;-)) who said that French people is rude;-)

    GillesW " the french rude boy ;-) "

    1. Salut Gilles, that was actually my observation of my son's penchant for awful puns - just like his old man! Or should I say, "La pomme ne tombe jamais loin de l'arbre"!

      Glad you like the paintwork, I'll try and get a few more knocked out in time for next week, promise!

  2. Cool, esp the foliage which is very nice

  3. Great painting and a very amusing description. Well done that chap!

  4. Great painting and a very amusing description. Well done that chap!

  5. A BIG fan of anything pulp/lost world. Nice one mate. Eager to see some more.

  6. Great figures, great spectacles, and great plants!

  7. I like those good luck with those beattles.

  8. Lots of character to these lads and very nicely painted. Nice cactus!

  9. Very nice figures and the scenic pictures are a load of fun to look at!

  10. Brass-etched leaves? Wow, how posh is that?!

    Lovely work Evan! If I were to come to Oz for a visit I would totally be like Algernon. There would be 'bugshot' whizzing everywhere...

  11. Lovely work and the foliage finishes it off nicely


  12. Thanks for the kind words, folks, we'll see how productive the paint table can be next week!

  13. Grand work,Evan! I love seeing Copplestone stuff and you made em look really good with the brushwork and base details!