Thursday, 4 February 2016

From MarkH - 15mm WWII Germans (185 points)

Hi Guys

After three weeks of silence and setbacks I finally have some finished 15mm WW2 models to submit.

First up:

A pair of 88's - 2 guns, 3 transports, 22 crew.
A pair of Pak 50's - 2 guns and 11 crews.
3 Captured Russian RSO's painted in German midwar scheme.
A German Pioneer Supply truck (I've been meaning to paint this one up for 3 years!!)

Next up I have some vehicles:

2 Elephants and a command Tiger P

1 King tiger

3 Puma armoured cars

And finially 3 Panzer IV L70 tank hunters

So a bit of a points dump for me this week. Hope I managed to get this in on time!

That's a serious amount of very well painted WWII goodness Mark! I'm particularly taken by the various camo patterns which are both convincing and work almost as well on your paint table as they would outside. 
Don't be too ashamed of how long it took to paint that tractor. We had a kubelwagen that took even longer, despite consistent taunts to it's owner. It eventually became know as "Die Kübelwagen der Scham" aka The Kubelwagen of Shame until I stole it and painted it. 
BTW, I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest those might actually be PaK 40s, not 50s but I'm more than happy to be corrected. 
All up that 184 points of paintwork and I'm throwing in another as a lasting reminder of having finally painted that truck! Well done. Cheers, Millsy.


  1. my bad, They are pak 43's the really big buggers.

  2. Nice work all round on these Mark :)

  3. Excellent work - I really liked the Elephants and Tiger - the camo came out great
    Nice to see a little more 15mm FOW stuff

  4. Some serious firepower. Big fan of the Tiger P as you do not see many on wargames tables.

  5. Nice work, Mark, and a splendid points bomb!

  6. Very nice work!

    Only 3 years in the shame pile? A mere moment by my standards!


  7. Great Stuff! I love those 88s they but every thing looks great!

  8. You've really nailed the camo on these little tankies!

  9. Lovely work! The camo came out great. I'm quite happy the Porsche Tiger never made it into mass production... what an ungainly design ;-P

  10. Wonderful work Mark! The camo is ace and I love the Pak50's, or as well call them: 'The Compensators'

  11. Great looking work and the detail is fantastic


  12. the camo and weathering is fantastic, especially at this scale.

  13. Great work on em all! I rely like the camouflage, but I'd give extra points for including TWO of my favorite German trucks!
    Milage probably stinks, but look at all that seating! Plus it's a convertible and capable of blasting through most terrain! ;)