Wednesday, 3 February 2016

from IgnacioR - The rest of the warmaster army and Ragnar Lodbrok (253 points)

First I have to apologise for my lack of posting... I´m finishing a job project and I´ve been really really really busy, but hey there is no rest for the wicked hehehehe. Now back to the challenge:

As you can check lately I'm in my blue period... i love the model even when a friend told me that he seems that he is whistle in an angry mood... once again i went easy on the bases cause I´m not sure what to do with the vikings... maybe i will cut them from the bases and add them on bases of a wood ship.

Marauder... thinking in Conan...

chaos hounds good doggies

chaos chariots

another 30 chaos warriors

chaos knights, only 3 for stand cause they should be less than marauders

144 marauders... I really hate them, deeply but they are ready

The whole army ready to... go to the cabinet hehehehe
Well I´m done with warmaster for a while, also no more vikings, on the table I have a band of ninjas with the Ras Al´Gul and his daughter for Batman. Also all the Frostgrave posting me is moving to make a nice band with old models. Once again I´m sorry for this time of no posting. So busy... I need a beer!!!

Blimey  - my eyes are aching just counting the blighters!! Thats a lot of 10mm goodness there Ignacio and it adds up to an impressive horde alright. The blue is nice and bright as well brings them to life nicely. My favorite are the chariots... i can almost see Circus Maximus..Ragnar looks a fine character with his brooding look ... a great submission. .


  1. Lovely work Nacho! That Chaos army looks the business and I really like your Ragnar (even though he looks like he's blowing a kiss). :)

  2. That's a whole lot of 10mm goodness - you have been busy since your last post!

    lovely work Ignacio :)

  3. Love Ragnar and all the 10mm goodness.

  4. Ragnar blowing kisses is well done and all that Chaos is epic. Excellent work. cheers

  5. Cracking stuff Nacho! Some of the best Warmaster Chaos I've ever seen. I don't know what it is about the rank and file but I hated painting my gobbo infantry too...

  6. Everything looks good. But I am really impressed with the 10mm goodness.

  7. that warmaster stuff is great - I do like an old GW game brought back to life.

  8. Very nice work there! Gotta love Warmaster, especially the chaos units are fantastic sculpts!