Saturday, 6 February 2016

From TamsinP - 15mm Choson Korean "Irregular Cavalry" (144 points)

Are we seven weeks into the Challenge already? Doesn't time fly?

Just the one entry from me this week - some more additions for my Choson Korean army. This time I have 36 "irregular cavalry" for your pleasure.

These guys represent, I would guess, squires, merchants and the provincial minor aristocracy - basically those who could afford a horse but had little or no military training.

In FoG:AM they are classed as [Cavalry, Poor, Unprotected, Undrilled, Light Spear]. You certainly wouldn't want to throw them into combat against anyone, but they can be used to slow down enemy flanking manoeuvres or to provide rear support for other "Poor" troops.

In FoG:R they are classed as [Cavalry, Poor, Unarmoured, Bow/-/-], so cheap crap again. However, in FoG:R they are able to provide rear support to "Average" as well as "Poor" troops which makes them a little more useful. And they have bows which does give them some (very slim) chance of damaging enemies before they get turned into red mist in melee combat.

In both sets of rules you can take 0-6 bases of them, with a battle group size of 4-6 bases. For the "Righteous Army" list I'm working up for FoG:R, I'd be upgrading them to 0-12 bases classed as [Cavalry, Poor, Unarmoured, Bow*/Light Lance/-]. Same cost as the standard version, but at least they might have a chance at impact.

Painting these was a bit of a pain, mostly of my own creation. The horses were easy - it was the riders where things got complicated. Nine different over-robe colours with 4 different trim colours; 4 different saddle cloth colours and 3 cape colours. All mixed up using matrices.

Why, oh why do I keep picking irregular/non-uniform troops to paint?

The figures are all from Old Glory 15s (the Ming range rather than the Korean).

Rounding up, there are 36  15mm cavalry figures here @ 4 points each = 144 points overall.

That will put me over my original target of 1000 points (for some reason I'd been thinking I'd said 1500 points) with 6 weeks to go to the finishing line. I'm going to ease off a bit now so that I can get one gaming night a week and avoid crazy all-nighters to get stuff finished before the Saturday deadlines.

Lovely work on this mob, Tamsin. I know the various robes and trim were a bit of a hassle, but they paid off in spades in the end as the units have a wonderful motley appearance to them. May they meet a glorious end because by the looks of their stats it seems they'd get curb-stomped by a pair of octogenarian rug-sellers riding donkeys. :)

Also, congratulations on meeting your initial Challenge target! A thousand points in under seven weeks is no small achievement, well done.  I'll re-sight you in for 1300 points for your final finishing flourish.


  1. Lovely work Tamsin. Lots of different shades of horse flesh which I always appreciate. Congrats on breaking through your initial target too!

  2. Great looking cavalry Tamsin! Variety is the spice of life and joy of painting irregulars!

  3. Terrific work on these chaps, Tamsin - and congratulations on achieving your target! Your specialty period was well Choson!

    ...I'll get me coat.

  4. Excellent calvary - the shading and color variations worked very well

  5. Insane variety here Tamsin. Excellent! I also fall into the Irregular trap all too often but you have succeeded in defeating it. Nice job.

  6. Insane variety here Tamsin. Excellent! I also fall into the Irregular trap all too often but you have succeeded in defeating it. Nice job.

  7. Fantastic work here Tamsin-loving the variety in those colours.

    Congrats on achieving your target and enjoy some gaming time!

  8. These look fab, congrats on busting you target

  9. Great mass effect these are real nice


  10. Well done Tamsin. Quite an achievement to reset the challenge score within 7 weeks. I suspect you will beat the next one as well!

  11. Well done on reaching your target! The matrices obviously worked, they look fantastic!

  12. nice paintwork Tamsin!

    mobs and crap troops are the spice of the lists in FOG and sometimes give good surprises for the price we pay them.

  13. Nice work, Tamsin! A motley crew of Cav, they were worth the effort and the effect is great on them.

  14. @ Curt - thanks! To be honest, a day-old baby could probably kerb-stomp them! But they're cheap filler to bulk out an army list :)

    @ Millsy - cheers! I enjoy painting horses and always try to get a variety of colours into the mix with them :)

    @ Peter - thanks! Variety is definitely important for irregulars, but I sometime think I take it a bit too far (like with this bunch) although the finished effect is worth it :)

    @ Evan - *groan* cheers!:)

    @ Miles - thanks! :)

    @ Slowpainter - cheers! I probably went a bit OTT with the variety given the number of figures in this batch :)

    @ Anne - thanks m'dear! The mix of colours worked well, but next time I won't use quite so many. Honest... ;)

    @ Martin - cheers! :)

    @ Ian - thanks! :)

    @ Clint - cheers! The main reason I bust it so early was that I was thinking I'd set my target at 1500 not 1000! :o

    @ Steve - thanks! The only problem with the matrices is having to check every time which figure is the next to get the colour :)

    @ Gilles - merci! The "spice of the lists" or cheap filler to bulk out your army? Mind you, I've had games saved by cheap crap troops that have against the odds stood up against vastly superior opponents :)

    @ David B - cheers! :)

    1. you're welcome Tamsin, really the spice of the lists, I like to play the poor troop, the mob of the sassanids with their perfect look, the unprotected troops, the poor Song when you can play them "average".
      in France we call the non competitive players : " the painters " just for their good results in tournaments;-)I'm proud to be in this category.
      I prefer toplay the troops I find cool for their look.

      All the best.


  15. I love the irregular/ non-uniform look you've achieved! Very colourful!

  16. Lovely work Tamsin! Those horses look ace.