Wednesday, 17 February 2016

From KeithS: A Postscript of Painting (75 pts)

In addition to lots of adventurer figures, I managed to make a dent in my other backlog pile that's been taking up space in my workspace.  First up, a wolf pack consisting of nine wolves scaled for 25mm, give or take.  At least three are Heritage as they match the Warg cavalry I painted for the nostalgia entry a few weeks back.  The rest are Ral Partha, I believe.  The Heritage are definitely the best.  I love their expressiveness.

From the flank:
A close-up.  I gave most red eyes (per Tolkien) but the three heritage got blue eyes, as somehow that seems more evil to me.

So, while working on them I happened to look down through my magnifier to see this -- a little unnerving to have him staring back at me!

Next up a few minor bits.  My wife has started playing D&D after a mere 20 years of being together.  Her character has a dog companion and a magic owl now.  Happily, I had both sorts of figures in my collection, so here they are:

The family portrait with the figure best representing my wife's Elf thief (a figure from my previous Adventurers batch):

This guy is another 32mm by Mithril for their Middle Earth line.  He's way too big to fit with my other adventurers, so I decided I could use him as a Viking warlord for use with my 28mm figures.  He's pretty tall even next to them, but not unreasonably so.  Further, I really like the sculpt and want to use him for something.  So, maybe not 100% historically accurate, but I'm not too worried about it.

Another miscellaneous guy, a Minotaur based for outdoors.  I'm sort of wishing I'd done him with a dungeon basing now, but oh well.

And, last but not least, I bought a small herd of Aurochs at the last Fall In convention in Pennsylvania with the vague idea I could use them as decoration for a Saga game.  I finally got to them this week.  They're big (should've put a 28mm figure for scale) but not too tough to paint, except that I have minimal skill yet on blending patches of different shades of hide.  Still working on that, though its hard to see the lighter underbodies in this photo.

That's it -- a productive two weeks to be sure!

A host a various beasties that is for sure.  I like the idea of the wolf pack - and yes they are very expressive.


  1. Very Nice espeicly the wolf pack.

  2. You are right about the eyes. Another great entry

  3. Oooh - nice beasties (and humans/elves)! :)

  4. More good stuff Keith. Love the Minotaur especially!

  5. I really like that pack of wolves - well done!

  6. A great bunch. Good stuff. cheers

  7. I like the blue eyes, and the minotaur!

  8. Wolves were always, for me, the wandering monster of choice in an out door "dungeon "Crawl. These would be great if still playing D and D. I miss those days.

  9. More good looking figures, real nice your wife is joining in


  10. Really good work, Again! ;)
    I like the wolf pack a lot, but the rest are very well done! I hope torches aren't going to be tied onto the oxen! ;)