Wednesday, 16 March 2016

From GillesW - My Last Submission: THE BIG WEDGE! (43 Points)

Hi Everyone,

Here is the last submission of thefrenchjester of the 6th Challenge!

I'm fan of Fish and Marillion hence the title of this post and what you'll see below

A big wedge of byzantine kataphraktoï for my thematic project, the figures are from Essex Miniatures and Alain Touller Figurines byzantine ranges,  as usual I have changed the lead spears for plastic ones, I also added bow cases on the rear rankers.

Here are two more subordinates for my Basileus

When I did the shields on the standard bearers and added some highlights here and there on the banners, I painted a sun on the plain shield of the Basileus base and changed his flag (one tail wasn't complete).

The base below don't count for this batch, it's just there for eye view.

A pic of the full command and that's all for now

Alas, one more time I had the eyes bigger than my stomach and I missed the goal of 1515 points, I'll do better next time coach Curt!

Thanks to all for this 6th challenge, full of nice submissions, entertaining stories, new ideas and advice and of course for your kind comments on my posts, a special thank to Greg (my Friday Minion) who lightened, rectified, corrected, improved,etc... all my messages "un grand merci à toi Greg!";- )

Be seeing you ;-)

What a wonderful way to exit the stage, Gilles. The kataphractoi and these command stands are just gorgeous - real stunners. I love the vibrant colours you've maintained throughout the Challenge for your shields, clothing and banners - your figures have been a treat for the eyes and I'm delighted that you joined us again this year. Here's looking to your return for our seventh edition! 


  1. Nice work Gilles - it's been great having you along with us :)

    Are those lavender blue surcoats that the Kataphraktoi are wearing?

    1. yes my dear ;-)
      a penny for your thoughts?;-)

      be seeing you;-)

  2. Really nice work. The colours are so eye catching and the detail just drags you in. Really very good. Cheers

  3. A cracking way to bow out for the year Gilles. Very nice indeed!

  4. Lovely, lovely work here. The brushwork is superb and the flags really set these off!

    See you next year!

  5. That is what I call going out in style.

  6. Finishing on a high note with these wonderful Byzantines, excellent work and all the more impressive given their small size!

  7. Cracking wedge and imposing command stands.

  8. Bien fait encore Gilles! La cavalrie lourde de l'epoch Byzantine et la meilleur! I love heavy cavalry, the heavies from Byzantine times are always the most interesting and mysterious.

    Thanks for your kind words - was a pleasure to have you on the "Friday Team"! Hope to see you next year!

  9. Wonderful stuff Gilles. Not enough early medievals in this Challenge.

  10. Stunning, both the grouping of the figures, the choice of palette and the banners!

  11. Fab work Gilles! I really love these Byzantines.

  12. The troops are florious, Giles; yet those banners are really awesome! Nice work on the lot of em! ;)