Thursday, 29 December 2016

From IanW - SYW Prussian Infantry (72 Points)

Three quick entries from me with this one and it's back to my SYW Prussians, this time infantry. I am basing my army on the invasion of Saxony, the opening moves of the Seven Years War.  

These are Lancashire Games figures and Cadogan Hobbies flags which can be found on e-bay and are both low cost and covers most available armies that fought during the SYW and surrounding periods.

The 23rd Regiment, Forcade de Biaix sporting the standard Prussian uniform right down to the white britches and red facings. These are not my favourite of the Lancashire Games musket poses but still paint up fairly quickly. Much better (and faster) is the marching pose but I am happy to have different posed figures in my army as it makes for a more interesting look.

Different regiments have a few different quirks about them, for instance this regiment has black flag staffs whilst the next has a brown one. The flag supplier does a colonels flag and a regimental colour. I have used the regimental in both these cases but would have preferred two regimental colours so I would be able to field two battalions a regiment as the colonels battalion would carry two standards.

The 17th regiment von Manteuffer has a more striking colour which was the main reason I choose this one to do. The other difference from the norm is the white cuffs and facings, I would imagine on campaign it must have been a right pain to keep them clean!

Cadogan Hobbies flags are bought by nationality and arm, so I bought the Prussian Infantry and Prussian Cavalry sets as well as each of the French for The Boy. Some of which will be seen in the challenge. Just to give you an idea, that's 72 infantry regiments worth for the Prussians (144 flags in total) for £6.75 for the lot including postage within the UK!!!

They are paper flags and whilst not 100% sharp remain good looking. I always add folds to show wind acting on them and paint the edges to hide the join and these reward such attention with a good looking flag.

Next up will be 6mm ECW, both for King and Parliament.

Nice to see some more 15mm Seven Years War stuff from you Ian. I'm a big fan of the period and appreciate someone who dives right into the history, uniforms and flags.
I'm considering some Lancashire Games minis for a future project and seeing your stuff is helping convince me this might be the way to go. 
I don't know how you paint these so quickly whilst keeping the quality level right up there. I suspect it has something to do with all the practice at the smaller scales!
72 points for you mate and a healthy addition to your side duel tally to boot.


  1. You're definitely opening up a big lead on me in both our side duels Ian - still, just a few hundred figures to paint before I can start playing catch-up on at least one of them! ;)

    Nice Prussians! :)

  2. Nice work. I like your basing for these!

  3. Lovely. I could be tempted to start something of this period myself.

  4. great work might have to dig out my SYW bits before the winter is over

  5. Fine body of men and a credit to Der Alte Fritz!

  6. Very nice indeed! Those flags really finish them off and sound like a bargain.

  7. Lovely job Ian- they look just the ticket
    Ive always fancied SYW but never taken the plunge

  8. These troops look fantastic - I thought they were 28's at first.

  9. Nice looking units. It's great to see so many SYW figures this year. I'll be adding my own in 28mm soon...I hope.

  10. These are really nice =) A friend of mine is a huga fan of Prussian army and he had painted tons of these, but yours are much brighter, I like that style

  11. Classic SYW Prussian infantry done well ... tasty!

  12. Great work Ian! Nice to see you still have your edge in the bigger scales ;-)

  13. Those are great paint jobs for 15mm. I had to do a double take to make sure they weren't 28mm. Very nice!

  14. Great work Ian. This period has always tempted me, but tripping over details like the colonels colours etc has always managed to stop me before I go too far...

    Excellent work on these.

  15. They look really sharp, Ian! The extra work on the flags does pay off! The uniform detail is very good too!

  16. Absolutely wonderful work, Ian. I agree a proper flag really finishes off a unit nicely and these here are terrific.

  17. Hi Ian, may i ask some info?
    I would to know in lancashire games miniatures "fit" well together with old glory 15mm SYW range; what do think about the size in mm for a very good and fine SYW flag for miniatures? some producer made 13mm lenght flags but i think that its too small, may be better 16mm flags? Many thank from an italian fan of your armies and paintings.

  18. Hi Davide

    I have Old Glory as well as Lancashire and they mix in fine, especially the infantry. The castings are more basic in that you don't get the mix of posses but the detail stands out well.

    For flags I use Cadogan Hobbies flags who sell via ebay. The print quality is not as crisp as some but can't be beaten on price. These measure about 16.5mm front to back With the Prussians you get one colonels and one regiments for every regiment that served 59 inf and 13 garrison regiments.

    Same goes for the cavalry

    Thanks for the kind words