Thursday, 29 December 2016

From MilesR: Frostgrave & Blood Bowl Skaven (155 Points)

Yet another wish-mash of topics for this submission - some Frostgrave and a Skaven Blood Bowl Team.  I tried to spend a little more time on all the figures in this submission rather than my normal slap-dash job.

First up 11 human figures for Frostgrave

Close up of the Summoner and Apprentice
 Soothsayer and Apprentice
Beastmaster and Apprentice - I really liked this figures
5 assorted adventures - the guy on the far right makes me think of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for some reason.
Next up some Beast for Frosgrave - A Boar, Hyena and 6 Giant Rats - one always needs more monsters for Forstgrave.

Next up the newly released plastic Skaven Blood Bowl team from GW.  Blood Bowl has swept my house this Christmas break and your likely to see both Human and Ork teams also painted up.  While GW has some spotty pricing policies, they do make fantastic figures - I had forgotten how much fun they are to paint up.
First close up is of the Gutter runners - these guys are super fat receivers but very lightly armored.
Next up the Blitzers.  I screwed up the decal on the left figure so wrote the name in by hand.  I actually like it better than the decal - looks even more unintelligent!  I may go back and scrape of the position name decals and paint them back on. There's a lineman with the same issue.

2 passers - interesting way they throw the ball - I guess having a prehensile tail has some benefits

Finally the 6 lineman.   As I said earlier these figures where a blast to paint up and I'm looking forward to getting a game in with them.  My son is partial to playing the Orks and I'm not sure how the lightly armored Skaven will stand up to those brutes

+1 to GW for bringing this game back!

In terms of points, there are 31 total 28mm figures, so that should net me a tidy 155 points, if my math is right.

As for whats up next - I'm feeling something very vehicular-like......

I suspect we're going to be seeing a lot of Bloodbowl with the recent republishing by GW. If your Skaven are anything to go by Miles this can only be a good thing. This is the first time I've seen the plastic Skaven and I like the dynamic poses very much.
Your Frostgrave minis are also very nice indeed and a reminder to me I have a side Challenge with Evan I really should be devoting some time towards. I also have the Summoner and Apprentice in the painting queue and if mine turn anything like as good as yours I will be well pleased with the result.
Your math is spot on mate. All up you've added a solid 155 points to your tally but then I'm hardly going to argue with you on anything related to math and spreadsheets now am I?


  1. More lovely work from our resident mathemagician :)

  2. Really nice work. Those Skaven are so neat... I really want some now!

  3. Blood Bowl continues to get a lot of love and your work is great, I must resist LOL


  4. While I do like all the figures Can I just say the writing is top notch on the bases. It really does make the team all look cohesive.

  5. Frostgrave! Love it!

    I really should be getting on with my own figs...

  6. Great work, might look at adding the Skaven team myself at some point

  7. Great Skaven and FG models there!

  8. Lovely job Miles - Skaven were my first ever BB team and they have carried me to many wins. Get used to suffering a lot of casualties, and then frustrate the heck out of your opponent by scoring anyway!

  9. Lovely and varried work Miles. Love the magicians and aprentices.

  10. Thanks for the comments - I'm hoping the shaven are fun to play

  11. Great stuff Miles. I love those models for Frostgrave and you've really done a service to those skaven. Nice work!

  12. I like the Skaven, and the boar has real attitude!

  13. The Arabic Frostgrave is really nice! Took me till today to realize it's a perfect game for Sinbad too! ;)
    I like the skaven bloodbowl team too, still one of my favorite teams to play! ;)

  14. Great work Miles! The Fostgrave Beastmaster and the Skaven team are my favourites.