Saturday, 31 December 2016

From PhilipK: The Dirty Half Dozen... and a Tank. (45 Points)

This is a weird submission, I admit.

I joined this Challenge to find the motivation to paint my Late War German Bolt Action army. And, thus far, I have followed that goal; six of what will be my Veteran Grenadier squad are painted. And then, with a month abroad looming, I thought I'd try and jump in early on the Armour challenge week with one of my Panzer IVs.

Hopefully these pictures don't highlight (too much) my departure from historical colour palettes. I apologize to any and all military or historical purists viewing these pictures. Please, forgive me.

Mr Tank by himself for the Armour Challenge.

Here, then, is my first entry for this competition and my last for at least the next 4 to 5 weeks. I know I will have some catching up to do, and a not a lot of time to do so, but I am very excited to continue participating in this event.

Until next time,


First off, welcome to the Challenge, Phill! It's great to have you along with us this year out.
These figures look very fine with lots of character and a punchy colour palette - they definitely look like a bunch of devil-may-care veterans. I also really like how you did their basework for them, with their shattered brickwork and scattered debris. 
It's great to see a early model Panzer IV. We often see the later 'H' version with the armoured skirting, so this fellow is a refreshing change of pace. I like the weathering on the tracks, exhaust and ventilation grills. (PS: I slipped seeing your note on this being for the Armour theme round so I'll pop this in there as well when the time comes.)
Well, this is a nice start to a beautiful relationship. Now, just remember to come back in 5 weeks! ;)


  1. Oh I like these. The tank is great, always nice to see the early model versions


  2. Nice opening salvo, I have no issue with your colours I think they look fantastic. Enjoy your time away and look forward to seeing your next entry

  3. "Pure" or not I like your grenadiers very much. The tank looks just great. Very nice work!

  4. Nice work Phil :)

    @ Curt - I think that Phil meant to enter the tank in the first Bonus Theme Round but didn't realise that to do so, you post on the other blog.

    1. Ah yes, well it will get a second 'debut' in the Armour theme round. :)

  5. Great stuff Phil. The tank is especially good.

  6. Cool tank, and don't sweat the Grenadiers - they look just fine!

  7. Nice work. That tank looks excellent.

  8. Welcome and these really are very nice!

  9. Great looking tank and figs. Welcome aboard Phil. Now y'all comeback now, YE hear?

  10. Very nice entry! The the great thing about a late war German force is that there are no such things as "proper colours" so enjoy a mismatch of different styles and faded colours. I'm planning a late war Volksgrenadier BA force for exactly that reason

  11. Very nice work and basing.

  12. Very fine little Kampfgruppe there. What Paul O'G said.

  13. Nice work Phil!
    The tank and Grenadier vets look really fine especially the mismatched vets!
    The tank is exceedingly well done with the sun fading and weathering!