Thursday, 12 January 2017

First Entry MarkW No 52 Games Workshop Undead and Ogres 275 Points

Firstly 2 thank yous.
Firstly to the team behind the great challenge - it has been a shot in the arm for me and got me out of a hobby funk.
Secondly to my good friend who recommended it after 2 previous appearances in your challenge.

On to the models.

I have started an undead army for Age of Sigmar and I am using this challenge as the vehicle for me to get through this.  I have had quite a productive 2 weeks since the start and have completed a fair bit over Christmas.

Now I admit photography is not my strongest skill, so please excuse the pics.

I therefore present for your review

10 Ghouls
10 very old recycled and metal Grave Guard
1 Wight King
1 Wraith
1 Banshee
1 Abhorrant Ghoul King
5 Hexwraiths
4 spirit hosts (incl one made of old Citadel metal figures)
1 Black Coach 
1 Coven Throne

The coven throne was a joy to paint, but a pain to assemble.  I have fond memories of playing against a Black Coach in a Vampire Army about 14 years ago, the coven throne really shows how far GW have moved forward in their design and ability to provide large models.  

I wanted a stand out army and I always feel that basing adds a lot to the miniatures so I have gone for a mix of resin bases and the use of Vallejo basing materials to craft the earth where they don't do resin bases in that size of shape.  This is all finished off with Vallejo Still water and various bits of basing foliage and clumps.

In addition I completed a small christmas present for another friend of 3 x Titan Forge Deep Sea Diving Ogres (including a captive Mermaid).

As for points, that is 27 foot figures at 28 mm which is 135 points.  For the cavalry, spirit hosts and two big things I am not sure so I will leave for the rules wizards to tell me.

Lastly, I have also had time to rebase some old skeletons.  A friend donated these to my Undead army and they are original White Plastic skeletons from one of the original citadel Skeleton Army boxes.  I rebased 53 of these.  As I am not touching the paint job they are not eligible for this challenge, but I thought I would share how good they look on decent round bases as opposed to square.

My major concern about this challenge was that I thought me being productive would lead to a smaller paint queue and gaps on my shelves.  For some bizarre reason, this is not true in either case.
first a confession- this post was ready in time for publication LAST week, but I was busy doing weird things like math and looking for stray cables to electronics whose functions I don't understand.
Mark, this is a very nice army. I really like the color option you selected for the spirits and like how you carried it through to the war machines of the black coach and the massive spirit mob! From the just right gore on the ghouls, color of the spirits, inclusion of the older skellies with the newer plastic sculpts, the wonderful boggy basework, this is an impressive host.
I really like the orgres as well, swinging anchors with the brass diving helms, they are very nice sculpts and I'm envious of your friend who received them!
so one plus one[counts a moment]
253 point paint bomb with an extra 17 points for the war machine details brings you to 275!
great Job!


  1. Welcome to the Challenge Mark! What a fabulous entry! Those spectral figures are amazing and your basework really fits the theme. I also really like those funny Deep Sea Diving Ogres with their anchors and diving bells. Awesome.

  2. Welcome aboard, these are great, some very large pieces and your basing compliments your excellent painting style


  3. Welcome to the madhouse Mark! Nice work on the spectres and a great all-round debut :)

  4. Welcome to the Challenge. Deep Sea diving Ogres? Just when I thought I have seen everything...

    1. Obviously you don't do much snorkeling Greg, they are really common in the caribbean...see them all the time when I go on cruises.

    2. They clearly built the Great Barrier Reef too, though I understand it was originally intended to be an underwater OGRE theme park and bar area...

  5. Love the colour of your ghosts, it hits just the right spot. The whole army looks grand. The old school grave guards stand out especially.
    Best Iain

  6. Wow, that's a fantastic entry! Love, love the basing of your army, as well as the ghosts, especially.

  7. Welcome to the Challenge, Mark. A great collection here. I too really like the basing.

  8. Welcome aboard Mark. Nicely painted and very effective basing. Well done!

  9. I like all the stuff you've painted but the ghosts stand out

  10. What an awesome opening round! Love the undead colours but the basing steals the show. Or it would if it wasn't for the Underwater Ogres then stealing the show at the end - I love them! Great job Mark!

  11. Great stuff! I particularly love the look of the Wight King. His armor and the paintjob on his cloak are really nice, and I love the way his facial features turned out.

  12. Incoming points bomb - DUCK!

    Great opening Salvo, Mark, very well bowled!

  13. wow. Love the spectral paint scheme and the ogres. Welcome to the show

  14. One and all, thank you. Great motivator to see your hard work appreciated.

    Real life has slowed me down a touch since this but I remain committed ( or mad) to this challenge.

    Thanks again

  15. Welcome to the challenge Mark! Those diving Ogres really are amazing sculpts! Have to get me some

  16. Very nice work. The purple really gives a nice pop to those undead.

  17. I've always wanted that Wight King figure. Seeing your work on it convinced me to finally order it. Great work all around!

  18. Those ghostly blues are superb, and the re-based skellies a big success!