Thursday, 12 January 2017

Jez Todd - Goth 25mm figures(65 points)

Hi thanks for letting me join the painting fun. Been war gaming since the mid 80's and always painted my own figures although quite a basic style.

My entries will all be 25 mm figures based for IMPETUS rules. I am planning to submit figures that have been sitting around awaiting painting and are additions to current armies - adding in extra options. There will be three themes- project Goth, project Italian Wars and  project Samurai.

The first entry is nine Goth archers based as skirmishers and a command base - one foot and mounted commander (65points). The figures are Wargames Foundry, I think from a Dacian range. OK, I technically know the Goths should ideally have shorter hair styles and clean shaven (according to Osprey).

I don't technically need the Command Base according to the rules but I always like playing with one to highlight the General's position and always fun to paint up. The watch tower is card from an old Warhammer card set - built ages ago and just used as a backdrop. In one picture I have added another skirmish base to show what they look like if I decide to field them as larger T - shooter type units. Here in IMPETUS the flexibilty is that I can just field two S skirmish units to make a larger single shooter unit.


Welcome to the challenge, Jez!
I too enjoy the small little tedious erratica in building and painting a force. I've been making army specific objectives and terrain since before it became a thing. It just makes sense to give the troops home ground and clear objectives!
I know little on Goths except they aren't Visagoths! ;) I do appreciate irregular troops and enjoy those troop types the most. These fellows have excellent animation to them and I'm sure they'll fight harder with the commander looking on. I hope you can provide some closeups as that commander and bodyguard do seem a very good pair up, Id also like to see better the cloth and fur caps the archers are sporting better too!


  1. Nice work Jez! and welcome to the Challenge.

  2. Lovely hirsute Goths, Jez! Also, it's great to see that old card tower getting some press - very nice!

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  4. Welcome! Nice work and great rules choice btw. Hmmmm Samurai and Italian Wars at the same time you say....interesting to see if you will still be sane at the end of the challenge....:-)


  5. Good start to your campaign, looking forward to more of your work


  6. Great Goths. Looking forward to seeing more of you stuff based for Impetus.

  7. Welcome to the Challenge Jez. Nice looking horde of goths.

  8. Great Goths, Jez, though it must be hard to paint the mascara at that scale...
    ; )
    Welcome aboard, mate, a great first sally!

  9. Welcome aboard! And nice work on the Goths Jez!

  10. First entry in the madness but the "Delay" has only helped the anticipation.

    A nice lot of goths (if goths can be nice that is)>