Thursday, 12 January 2017

Iain White 28mm landsknechts( sideduel) (125 points)

So finally I've finished my first entry, these are 24 28mm, mostly Artizan, landsknecht figures ,together with four others of unknown make to bring up their numbers. These are for the great Italian wars, they are on the big side for 28mm and although they were fun to paint I dont think I will be doing any more, mainly because the majority of my figures are old glory, foundry and 25mm ral partha and warrior.
Still nice to do if time consuming, I haven't painted any landsknechts for about a year and it takes a while to get into the groove as it were, I often paint while I'm away from home in hotel rooms and apartments so taking reference with me is a bit of a pain, what I have found useful is Stuart Mulligans painting landsknechts blog it's really helpful and informative and worth checking out if you fancy painting some of these colourful chaps!

The flag is a free download that I have overpainted, which has frankly come up better than I expected. Doing this unit and finishing it for the challenge made me realise I haven't based anything for something like 3 years. I've just been painting the figures and putting them in boxes. So its great I now have hundreds of figures to base. All my previous figures were based for britain, ECW or WOTR and all I did was paint green masonry paint with sand on it and sprinkle flock and stones and it looked ok. My masonry paint seems to have seperated out after 3 years of lack of use I'll have to mix it with a drill and I'm not convinced by the brown but they are based and like the figures they are good enough. The bases are 45mm x 45mm and in the last pic you can see that 6 old glory landsknechts fit where you can only fit 4 artizan chaps.
So that is 24 x 5 giving me a total of 120 towards my target and my side challenge with Curt
All the best
Welcome aboard,Iain!
I do have a soft spot for the Italian Wars. not just for the characters, pagentry, and colors; but also cuz Nicco Machaveli is just so much fun to read and a lot from the Italian Wars seems to be replaying now in one form or another... but i digress.
These fellows are very impressive and you positively nailed the color riot of Italian Wars troops.
I can feel your pain in the basing as I seldom finished the basing on anything till I began participating in AHPC. A task that now occupies my summer months while prepping for the next challenge.
Challenge...side challenge...I've missed a few days, but I believe you just stole a BIG flanking march on the Snowlord with ths technicolor unit of pike! ;)


  1. Terrific work Iain! I have a love/hate relationship with Landsknechtes but always enjoy seeing them. Well done!

    All this being said I think I should begin plans to paint my concession figure... :)

    1. Watch out Iain, I think you're about to be hustled...
      ; )

  2. Landsknechts are always an impressive sight on the tabletop, and these will be no exception. Well done, Iain!

  3. Cool, more Italian wars goodness! Pike blocks look great!

  4. You have certainly earned your points with that colourful unit!

  5. Great looking pike unit Iain! I love the Italian Wars too.

  6. Great stuff Iain! Landsknechts are always lovely, and I salute the people who are brave enough to start painting them. Amazing uniforms, but boy do they look like a pain to paint.

  7. What a lovely bunch of Landsknechts


  8. If I ever find a set of rules I like Renaisance wargaming would be my goal. You are not diminishing that desire. I look forward to seeing more.

  9. Always enjoy the colorful armies of this period. Nice work.