Friday, 6 January 2017

From AndrewB: Getting Started with a Wood Elf (5 Points)

With the busy Christmas season winding down, it is time for some real fun: painting miniatures! 

I'm finally getting onto the scoreboard with my first submission. 

I am attempting to paint up a Wood Elf army for Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game. 

Before the Challenge, I had painted about six warriors, only one of whom I had finished. (It's so hard for me to ever call anything "finished.")

I am now starting in on a fresh batch.  In all of the GW sourcebooks and package art, wood elves have a green, blue, and grey color scheme.  I was looking for something different.  I am aiming for an autumn feel.  Here are the early results.

The Secret Weapon Fall Leaves basing kit has proven to be very helpful.

So, one 28mm figure may not be much, but it sure was fun.  Plus, I'm no longer being shut out!

Welcome to the Challenge! This is a very fine first entry Andrew - I particularly like the autumnal color scheme you've chosen for this classic wood elf, and punchy orange robes and flowing golden locks. These GW Lord of the Rings sculpts are great and paint up so well. All tied together nicely with those fall leaves - I've not seen any as colourful as those before.  
Good stuff, 5 points to get you started, and I'll certainly look forward to seeing more of them. 


  1. Very nice work Andrew :)

    Welcome to the Challenge :)

  2. Welcome aboard Andrew. A nice figure with good use of fall colours.

  3. Welcome to the show. Nice start

  4. Great start, the figure looks cracking, the basing really adds to the finished model


  5. Great start Andrew - welcome to the show!

  6. Nice autumnal colours on a wood elf.I prefer them to greens but when I was painting elves I just did not think of Autum colours I so wish I had now seeing this elf.

    Good to have you in the challenge I look forward to seeing more.

  7. Great base as well, those leaves really tie in the figure with the base.

  8. Very nice- I'll keep my eyes out for that basing kit.

  9. Welcome Andrew. The basing goes really well with your Autumn colors!