Friday, 6 January 2017

From GrahameH: Completing Armies (494 Points)

Well this is the first time I have entered the challenge and this is my first post. I decided that
the challenge might not only help me to reduce my ever increasing lead pile, but hopefully. assist me completing the armies I started but for various reasons never finished.

First Up 15mm Sarmatians (Riders are Old Glory, Horse Essex) 236 Points

58 Mounted Figures and 2 Foot

One of the Unit

I had previously painted the Light Horse and some other generals, so now that the Heavy Cavalry is completed this army is finished.

24 X Mongols Horse Archers (15mm - Legio Heroica) 96 Points

24 Mongol Horse Archers

A unit - 4 Units each of 6 Horse Archers

Again now that these are done this army too is complete.

Finally 15mm Cold War Figures 

I have based these singularly so I can use them for Rapid Fire and Bolt Action Modern rules. Crewed weapons are based together. Most of the Russian Vehicles have been painted already and I intend to start on the West German vehicles shortly.

These Figures are mainly Battlefront, but I have added in some Army Armies which are little larger, but not too much. The Army Armies figures I think are in winter clothing while the Battlefront miniatures are in summer. However, I think they mix OK.

15mm West German Infantry (Battlefront) 70 Points

35 West German Infantry - based for Rapid Fire & Bolt Action Modern

A small Coy - the support weapons have been painted but await basing as I ran out of the large circular bases

HQ Coy minus support weapons and Transport

15mm Russian (Battlefront and Army Armies)

120mm Mortar and 3 Crew - 25 Infantry Including 1 lying down totalling 54 Points

1 X 120mm Mortar and 3 crew at the back.  some Infantry including some support weapons (26 Figs)

Army Armies Figures - these are going to be my Engineer Coy

Battlefront Support Weapon - 2 Army Armies snipers (and blurred) in the rear

Having nearly finished the normal Russian Infantry, I found I had a loads of figures left so I painted them as Russian paratroopers. Now I need to buy even more figures to finish the regiment and therefore add to the lead mountain!!!

15mm Russian Paratroopers (Battlefront) 38 Points

Russian Paratroopers in Camouflage that you can't see too well in the photo

Anti-Tank and Aircraft Teams

A poor photo in an attempt to show the camouflage - its there believe me!!

Total - 2 X 120mm and 3 crew each. 15 other figures (including 2 lying down)

That's it two weeks work and I've just primed some tanks and horse archers (not from the same army)


Holy smokes that's quite the points bomb to kick off your participation in this prestigious event, and today's Friday crew entries! Lovely work - I find your style very clean on these 15mms, and neat camouflage on those Russki paras. I'm quite jealous actually, I've not got the knack of 15s msyself. And really nice basing too, i'm impressed your colour scheme is the same across the ancients and near-moderns, just mixing the tufts up, yet suits both well. Finishing off armis is just what the Challenge is for.
And is that a little hex base to pick out the West German officer? Itself a little tribute to our Snowlord. 
A great first entry, 77 infantry and 85 cavalry/crewed weapons in 15mm, which will net you a very tidy 494 points by my count


  1. There are opening entries and there are opening entries. epic submission, top work.

  2. Great first post. Lovely looking horse archers. Begs the question do you have another horde with the horse and rider manufacturers reversed?

  3. A great start indeed Graham - lovely mixed bag of 15s :)

  4. BOOM! Welcome to the Challenge Grahame. That's got to be one of the best first posts ever sir. It's great to see the Challenge helping you complete projects...

  5. Superb first entry... and a BIG BOOM too!! Fantastic :-)

  6. What an opening salvo, some lovely work


  7. Holy crap, what a ton of painting, and excellent quality too. In particular I enjoyed the Modern figures...neat to see some of that Armies Army stuff for real.

  8. Fantastic diversity and very high quality - nice little opening points bomb! Great to have you along for the ride Grahame

  9. Well that is a paint bomb and no mistake.

    What a shame horse archers and tanks are not in the same army or the next submission would blow my mind.

    I like the Sarmations a lot, but had not thought to mix and match horses from 1 company with riders from another. It works so well.

    THe joy of new people in the challenge is new (to me) ideas!

  10. The entire entry's painting and basing is absolute top notch!

  11. Points bomb! Welcome aboard!