Friday, 6 January 2017

From IanW 6mm ECW Foote For Parliament and King (112 points)

Last year I intended to get some of our 6mm ECW troops out the door, total failure. So I thought I had best get some out early. I am painting up both Lee's scum Parliament lackeys and for me the rightful Kings fine troops.

I have painted up four regiments for each of us, these are for the rebels. All Lee's troops will be from Essex's army, either Edgehill or First Newbury. Given that both of us bought two armies each we will have no problem getting through most of the possibilities.

The London Trained Bands Red Regiment. The sculpts are Baccus and the first range they released and it is showing on these. Fortunately Baccus are in the process of replacing the whole range.

Sir George Langhams regiment is above, the other two are Holbournes in red and Col Francis Thompsons in blue.

The four regiments of the Oxford army. I have actually painted up more regiments for Lee than myself so I may get a couple more done soon to even the score.

Blackwells Foote has been one regiment I planned to paint for some time. I mean they get to wear black coats, how cool must that have been?

Loed Loughborough's regiment is above and these have a snappy blue coat. The other two regiments are Inchiquins red coats and Lord Percy's in white. The standard of painting is not over high. I have purposely not painted the musketeers apostles as they always look crap. All flags by Baccus with the edges painted and given some life with fake wind. One flag required the white tappers painting yellow to be correct, this being Langham's trust Parliament to be difficult!

That's eight units of 28 figures at 14 points each for 112 points. Now back to the 15mm for a break.

These sculpts may generously be called 'classic' (or due an overhaul), but that doesn't show once they're painted based and flagged en masse: awesome work in this scale as always Ian. What a colourful group, which will help pick out the different regiments on the battlefield whatever your eyesight is like! I think Lord Loughborough's are my favourites. 

So how many of these teensy regiments are we going to see over this challenge? 


  1. Great work Ian, and a fantastic scale to represent the period. Well done.

  2. As soon as I finish the Zulus I will be on the side challenge. I have given you a head start but that will change.

    They look brilliant. Very fine work sir.

  3. I really like these guys, well done in such a tiny scale!