Tuesday, 24 January 2017

From ChrisH - A small bunch of dark age types and some more WWII (84 points)

As I had thought the time keeps getting away and I am just not sure I will make my quota of points. Alas life has a habit of getting in the way of one's preferred hobby. After spending time moving my daughter back into home and cleaning out her flat it has left the toys on the desk sans paint. But still I was able to complete this little lot a week or two ago. Next in line will be some Swiss, I hope.
This is a lovely miniature from the old metal Malifaux range called an Austringer. I painted it up for my son as a Christmas present only to give it to him oh a week ago because I had not done it in time for Christmas.

the Eagle is pretty big on the guys arm and in the game this is his "weapon"

PSC Churchill done as the AVRE with the enormous flying dustbin gun

In this hobby you get the chance to meet some great people. I have little skill with wood and thus get others to help me build terrain, cut bases etc. A friend has built me over time 2 brilliant little Horsa gliders out of wood in 15mm scale. He even based one crashed for me and I had always hoped to return the favour. And thus a small group of 8 dark age minis for his Saga warband. He plays Irish and Byzantines in the game and so I thought these two groups of 4 would make either 2 X Hearthguard or 1 X Warriors. Please note Dux the hand painted shields. (did not have any decals)

The guys on the left could even make nice command miniatures for the game and a flag on the right would make this chap a nifty little standard bearer.

PSC firefly again no decals, I am on the hunt for some allied stars at least when I go to the next games convention.

Bog standard Sherman V, I left stowage off this one as I have read enough about the battles in Normandy to appreciate the Shermans did not survive terribly long against the 75mm guns of the Germans and thus replacements were often quickly brought forward.
And so ends one more post attempting to reach the quota. Points.......9 X 5 for the 28mm and 3 X 12 for the 20mm Tanks. 81? Must pick up the paint brush this week. The Swiss are beckoning.

Alan and Paul: I have no idea what Malifaux is like as a game, but some of their figures are just great. You have done a lovely job on this one. It warms the cockles of my heart to see hand painted shields, as it does to see a Churchill AVRE, so their is lots to love about this entry. 81 points to you, plus one for the tank commaders, one for the eagle and one for the shields.


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    1. Thanks Tamsin, your masses are quite remarkable and you have a lot more stamina than me.

  2. The old engineering Churchill anis were pretty cool.

  3. Very nice collection, the PSC models look great when done well as yours are. The Dark Ages chaps look good as well.
    For AFV decals I use Dom Skelton (google Dom's Decals).

  4. All your PSC tanks rally do look the business.
    As do the malifaux and dark age figures as well.

  5. Love the malifaux figure .. a real character

  6. Great work, those PSC kits really are wonderful and you have done great work.

  7. Excellent stuff Chris, I really like that Malifaux figure.

  8. Great mix this time round and your friend should be really happy with the Saga figures


  9. Great variety. Great stuff. cheers

  10. Very nice work! The tanks are my favs.

  11. Stellar entry, Chris! I like the variety! The armor are very lovely, but I really like the Austringer you did for your son with that "sic-em" pose!