Tuesday, 24 January 2017

From GregB: (More) Warmaster Crossbowman and Halberdiers (85 points)

More troops for the Empire in GW's "Warmaster"

Since I reconnected with my old Warmaster stuff last week, I wanted to make more progress this week before moving back to other things.  The Empire forces in the Warmaster game are built around crossbowman and halberdiers, so I added some more of these basic units. This submission includes two more units of crossbowmen and another unit of halberdiers.

The provinces of the Empire have different colours to set them apart, but as I started to work once again on these figures two weeks ago, I noticed I had selected a palette of blue and green which seemed to match...no particular province.  Maybe I had something in mind when I first started painting these like 12 years ago? Who knows?

No matter! It's a fantasy game after all.  So for the crossbowmen I just used variants of blue and green uniforms with a dab of red here and there, and popped some bright colours on the feathers to help tell them apart on the battlefield.

Empire crossbows - blue clothing, red feathers...
Perhaps the elector count fielding these troops has access to animals with a lot of different-coloured feathers...or maybe there is just a lot of coloured dye in his province...

More crossbows...green and blue this time, with yellow feathers

For the Halberdiers, I wanted to change the colours a bit.  There is one particular province in the fictional Empire - Hochland - which interests me (connected to another hobby project, blah, blah, not interesting at this point).  Their colours are red and green, which make me think of Christmas, so that's nice! It would also look suitably different from the blue and green.  A large Empire force in Warmaster would have troops raised from several provinces anyways, I expect, so good to have some different colours into the mix. I tried them out on this unit.

Halberdiers of Hochland
The red and green are a fun colour mix, one I hope to repeat on a couple more of the units as I continue to expand the overall force.

 I love these little sculpts - total home run by GW...
These castings are some of the best work GW ever did.  Painting the Halberdiers in particular is just a great treat, with all sorts of character and small details.  They are a total joy to paint. Getting back to these figures has been like reconnecting with an old friend. It has been so much fun!

Ready to defend the Empire! One poor chap in the rear rank had his halberd break off..hopefully doesn't stand out in the unit

The overall Empire force is a good basic size now - four regiments of halberdiers, four units of crossbows, two regiments of Knights and some artillery.  On reflection, I think I need some more Knights...there is always more, and no project is ever truly "finished" :)

A good basic force of Halberdiers for the Empire
My Empire army continues to grow...those Knights are kind of lonely now...and you can see there is still room for more...
That's 84 10mm infantry figures in this submission, which should get me 84 points - and hopefully past the half way mark toward my 1000 point goal!  

Alan and Paul: That is such a great looking army! They really look like a labour of love, and your colour choice and basing makes each figure stand out brilliantly. Have an extra point for the flag.


  1. It's a very colorful army which gives the right Empire feel to me. Nice work on these little troops.

  2. Stellar work Greg! Anything smaller than 20mm and I go cross-eyed, so kudos!

  3. I especially love the Halberdiers, en masse it's looks awesome!

    Hochland,hey? Well, well...

  4. very good work nice color and nice banner

  5. Great looking stuff! Your army is starting look rather nice!

  6. Awesome! I love that these old minis are getting some much needed attention. In reading your posts I've pulled some of my old Warmaster minis from the Lead Shed and agree, they are some of the best work GW has done - such amazing little figures. These look tremendous Greg, I look forward to the next installment.

  7. What a fantastic job in this scale, you really get the most out of them


  8. Wow !!))
    Excellent Imperians always wanted the same!)
    Especially like Halberds;)

  9. They really do look the business

  10. Brilliant stuff Greg, I always liked these little figures and your detailing on 10mm figures is spot on - highlighting too!

  11. You really are on a roll Greg, love the choice of colours on these and the massed ranks look awesome!

  12. Those halberdiers are great

  13. Fabulous looking little empire army, better finish than my 28mm renaissance figures!
    Best Iain

  14. Great work Greg. I like these little dudes.

  15. Seeing your colourful and adroit work in this scale has been one of the highlights of this year's challenge for me thus far. You have a collection to be proud of.

  16. That's a lovely looking army Greg!


  17. That's exactly how 'big battle' fantasy wargaming should look like!

  18. Good job on these fellows, Greg! They are quite the sight and a grand riot of color assembled for battle. You really need to craft a semophore tower for an objective!