Tuesday, 24 January 2017

From JamesL- 28mm Waffen SS squad (35 points)

Just a small contribution this week, the final squad for my Bolt Action force. I've tried to take better pics to show the Oak Leaf came scheme better.

These figures are Warlords from the German Grenadiers box, and I went for the Oak Leaf as slightly easier to paint than Pea Dot, as well as seasonally correct for the later period of the Normandy campaign where my force is set.

I base coated the smocks in MournFang Brown then used Skrag brown for the final base colour, which is a lot lighter than it may have looked for real, but for gaming at a distance it should allow the camo to stand out a little better. Similarly, I used Luftwaffe Camo Green, then Sick Green (an old GW bright Green) for the leaf pattern.

So 7 figures, a modest 35 pts, but at least my lads are ready for battle now :-)

Paul & Alan: Great job with that oak leaf camo scheme James, it can be tricky to do complex schemes in small scales but you've pulled off the right effects overall I think.  And finished just in time for CanCon too! 

35 points toward your total.  I hope they bring you luck in this weekend's Bolt Action tourney and that they dont succumb too often to the curse of newly painted miniatures... 


  1. Nice work on the camo James :)

  2. I like the cammo. Your landsers looks very determined, hope they bring you luck.

  3. These really look the part. Your camo work is excellent


  4. Yes Oak leaf is easier than Pea Dot (I Tried Pea dot on 15mm's, not a success.... what was I thinking!!) A credible looking squad. Keep going A full platoon would be awesome.

  5. Nice work on that camo - that can't be easy!

  6. Thank you all for your praise, it's very encouraging when trying something new and challenging :-)

  7. I really like that camouflage, James! The rest of the models isn't too shabby either! ;)