Wednesday, 25 January 2017

From IannickM : Duchy of Warsaw skirmishers (25 points)

We take a break from the little fellows (Halflings) this week, and completely change register by doing some Napoleonics! 

Indeed, au menu today we have five Napoleonic Duchy of Warsaw skimishers, from Murawski Miniatures. The figures are from the Voltigeurs in Full dress, campaign dress set as well as the new "extra" scruffy Campaign dress figures. And boy are they scruffy! Roger has a real problem and just keeps producing more and more Poles! The sheer variety is one of my favourite thing about the range, and oh if all Napoleonic armies could get this level of completeness and love (other than the French and British, the boring and annoying favourites, of course).

The figures are fusiliers and voltigeurs skirmishers from the Duchy of Warsaw 1st infantry regiment, presumably in the middle of an exhausting campaign! I'll probably end up using them for skirmishes set in the 1809 campaign between the Poles and the Austrians (and maybe Brunswickers 'cause they look cool).

They are meant for a Napoleonic skirmish project I'm just starting, the goal to play really small scale skirmishes and maybe eventually bigger ones like Sharpe's Practice. But mostly, it's an excuse to give extra love to my favourite Napoleonic ranges: it seems I always paint Naps in batches of 16 or 24, and I wanted to work on small batches and individuals for a change. I must say it was a very different experience from batch painting Napoleonic battalions!

The Murawski figures are as usual lovely (I'm biased), and I'm always surprised I don't see more Duchy of Warsaw in blogs and on the battlefield, as it is really a lovely army with their distinctive Czapka and colourful facings.

Finally, I just want to remind y'all that Murawski Miniatures is giving away a complete set of such skirmishers (11 foot, 6 commands), so if you like what you see work extra hard on your productivity and such gems might be yours free of charge in about two months! (this extra motivation speech is brought to you free of charge, courtesy of Murawski Miniatures.)

So, for this entry that's 5 28mm figures, 25 pts, hopefully more to come in between Halflings! 

ByronM: Words you never thought you would say "I miss the halflings!".  Regardless of the halflings, these Napoleonics are cracking figures and paint jobs!  I really like your clean painting and how each one is done differently rather than all the same 

Maybe this is how I have to do Napoleonics, a few figures at a time to get better results. Doing small batches like this really lets you focus on them as individuals instead of rank and file, and it really shows in your painting here.  Great work.  


  1. OK, "I miss the halflings" but these beautiful specimens go a good way to making up for the absence of hobbitry :)

  2. Such lovely work, bravo Iannick. These castings by Murawski are brilliant. I've always liked the look of the Czapska shako and this post reminds me that I need to get a unit ordered for my own collection. AND a BIG thanks again to Murawski for their generosity in being a Challenge sponsor!

  3. Fine looking fellows a friend of mine has run Polish troops along side my French in a number of Napoleonic battles and they are fine troops to have at your side.

  4. nice job, one of my only regrets about getting out of 28mm Napoleonics is not having had an opportunity to paint any of Roger's figures.

  5. Great painting! Looking at your miniatures really makes me want to give these wonderful Paul Hicks sculpts a go.... and I don't even like napoleonics.

  6. Lovely Poles, I really like your work on these!

  7. Duchy of Warsaw and Hobbits - Poles apart!
    ; )
    Great work on these troops, Iannick!

  8. Great stuff Iannick - excellent work.

  9. Lovely work and the miniatures look great. My Napoleonic project has stalled at the moment for dread of painting big blocks of infantry. I think I may try this approach and just paint a few at a time myself.

  10. Great looking Poles, well done


  11. Having enjoyed these are the halflings I am wondering does anyone make Napoleonic halflings?

    Brilliant stuff and the Napoleonic wars are not my thing but these look splendid.

    1. As a range, I don't think so. It would be a funny sight for sure!

  12. Lovely looking Poles, can't beat a soldier in a czapska all very nice and tempting!
    Best Iain

  13. Thanks all for the kind comments, much appreciated!

  14. Really nice, I like how colourful the little chaps are.