Wednesday, 25 January 2017

From TeemuL: Working Class Heroes and an Evil Lord (35 points)

This week my Odds & Ends present you some working class heroes for two different game and an evil lord.

Here are four Dwarf Miners by Games Workshop. Miners are workers, who work in the mines and during the time of war, go to war, pick up their picks and form Miner units. So real working class heroes then. I painted them in the simple and bright colors as it usual in the Old World. It is important to be properly dressed before the battle. They have red, yellow and blue on gloves and pouches on their belt. They will strengthen my Miner unit, which was only 5 dwarf strong before.

I started the unit last year as part of another challenge, where there was a theme for every week. Theme for these guys was triad (meaning the color theory triad, not the Chinese criminal organization). I learned that the old fashioned color circle is not valid anymore, but I decided to stick in to old fashioned way and picked the old primary colors.

Here you can see the whole group at the moment, they are still missing the command group, which I have, so they might return later in the Challenge. So these are not basically odds or ends, but if I manage to finish the command group, then they all are ends, right?

Then there are some other working class heroes. It is quite hard to define these as odds or ends, especially when my goal was not to start anything new...

I happened to buy some Spanish Civil War Republican Militia miniatures from the Empress Miniatures earlier, when buying some other stuff - they looked nice, they can probably present any firearmed militia anywhere and Curt has been writing and painting about them a lot. I have more than these two, so they are not odds, I have not painted them before, so they are not ends. My only hope is, that I can paint the other ten or so and then call the whole group as ends or odds.

But the actual reason for painting these was my purchase of Citadel Texture "Paint" Agrellan Badlands. I like to keep my bases similar inside armies and so on, but I really liked to try how this works. So it was practically mandatory to try something new. Well, it was good that I tested, because the stuff really shrinks when it dries leaving the edge between base and washer visible. I need to smooth the edge with something else or put more this stuff. Otherwise I was happy, nice texture with very little effort, some Agrax Earthshade and light drybrushing gives a very nice and fast base.

Couple of word about the miniatures, they are wearing those blue overalls and red scarfs, so they are easily identified. I chose some muted down and earthly colors for the rest and kept my palette limited to tie these guys together. I probably need to add a color or more later when painting the rest of the group to give some variation - the militia didn't have uniforms after all. These two are probably my favorite of this post, they seem larger than they are, they have a bit dirty look like anyone with overalls should have, their faces and eyes look good, highlights on the rifles look good etc...

Lord Aquila

My Chaos Lord Aquila, commander of my Age of Sigmar Slaves to Darkness -army is actually a miniature called Lord Aquila. He is part of the Heroic Fighters of the Known World -box by Games Workshop. It is sculpted by Jes Goodwin in the year 1986 (I think that time Sigmar was still alive and kicking some Orc butt in the Old World).

I'm not entirely happy with the painting, it is may be a bit too dark. Or the contrast between black underside and bright red (pink?) plates is a bit too much?

Here you can see him in a last week's league game with his Chaos Warriors (back then he was missing the base).

That's 7 25/28mm miniatures and 35 points. Next week something completely different!

ByronM: What a mix of figures you have here, and from different eras as well.  I have always had a warm place in my heard for those old dwarf figured, I mean who doesn't like dwarves?  They are grumpy and love beer, what better race could there be!  On the SCW figures, I think you are right, they could be used for many different things, especially in the colour palette you have used.  They would fit right into a pulp game as some beatnik hipsters or vegetarian hippies for the Police to righteously pursue through the streets back to their evil underground layer.   Oh wait, those Trump "alternative facts" may already be starting to cloud my judgment here...

On the Chaos Lord, I get what you mean with the red being pinkish. I always had that issue as well, until I found a time in one of Angels painting books (and I am sure many others say to do the same thing), to highlight red, mix in sunny skintone, not white or light red.  It works amazingly well, and not something my colour theory challenged mind would have ever come up with.  But, base shade colour crimson, then base colour red, then first highlight 50/50 red/sunny skin tone, then second highlight 50/50 sunny skintone / white. I know it sounds strange, but thinned right it looks spot on.  Go look at Angels site or the Infinity side at all the Nomads that he did that way.  Something to try next time you do red and don't want pinkish tones.


  1. Great work Teemu. I love that Chaos Lord figure, and whatever issues you are feeling with the shading, I think you should be pleased with the result - it looks great.

  2. The Evil lord looks suitable menacing. The worker dwarfs I think may benefit by looking dirtier after all if you are mining underground you really would be working in the dirt! A small point and it does not stop them being utterly charming.

    1. Probably true, I just have always painted my WHFB minis in bright and clean style, like in the 90s. :)

  3. Great work Teemu! I really like your approach to those SCW figures - they have that hard-bitten '30 look to them.

    1. Thanks Curt, I'm happy with the outcome as well.

  4. Great collection Teemuu - love the cold school sculpts in particular! Your model may not be the shade you were after up close, but the lighter colour looks good deployed on the table (I often do the latter). Nice job

  5. "It's grim down t'pit."

    I love the Dwarves, and the SCW figs are great as well. But it's always good to see some Oldhammery goodness turn up 30-odd years later!

  6. The SCW guys are tops for me, lovely work


  7. Like the dwarves and the SCW types love the old school chaos leader.
    Best Iain