Monday, 9 January 2017

From TamsinP - 15mm Nubians (453 points)

With the the Christmas break, I lost about a week of painting, so I've slipped behind my target. To make up for that, I've painted an entire 15mm army for Art de la Guerre (ADLG) - ancient Nubians.

I had at one point thought about doing this army for Field of Glory (FoG), but then realised how many figures I'd need to paint up for a standard army and decided not to (OK, so my Choson Korean army isn't exactly small...and I'm expanding it. That's an exception though...). Now that our club have switched to ADLG, it needs about a quarter of the figures and so was much more manageable so I went for it.

The Archers

"Dum ti-dum ti-dum ti-dum
Dum ti-dum ti-da-da"

No! Not "The Archers" - bowmen!

The mainstay of the Nubian army. You can have gazillions of these. Well, 32 bases anyway. I've got 20 here which is plenty for a 200 point ADLG army.

The Javelinmen


Ha! No redio or TV programme by that name you can hum the theme tune for! (of course, having said that someone will decide to prove me wrong)

You can have 6 bases of these as either light infantry or light-medium infantry. I've done 6 light and 3 light-medium.

The Fanatic Warriors

Try finding a theme tune or song called that!

These chappies are the only decent* close combat troops in the army. They are "elite" which means that you add 1 to the die roll if the result is a 1,2 or 3.

*decent being relative. They are medium foot "swordsmen", so vulnerable to mounted in the open and more fragile than heavy foor (3 hit points rather than 4).

The Generals

No theme tune I know of, but there is this song from The Damned's album "Stawberries":


The Baggage

If anyone finds a theme tune by that name...

This was actually a relatively easy army to paint. The skin tones were achieved by using a 3:1 mix of Vallejo black and umber washes over two different primers (German Red Brown, Leather) which I applied after painting the hair Dark Blue Grey (a few had their hair done with Red Leather or Ochre Brown to represent clay rubbed in to colour it).

The tufts on the bases are home-made using my FlockBox. I made up two sets - one with just 2mm static grass, and another with a mix of 2mm and 4mm static grass. I actually made up blends of the static grasses as none of the packs matched what I was after.

Apart from the slaves (Essex) all the figures are Old Glory 15s. There are 224 figures which at 2 points each gives me 448 points. In case Minion Miles is feeling generous, there are 76 hand-painted animal hide shields!

And the whole army conveniently fits into this A4 file box.

MilesR: Holy crap thats a lot of Nubians and all so very well done - Throw is 76 hand painted shields and home made grass tufts and even a Scrooge like person go my ilk might having a passing thought which resembled generosity (if only for a brief moment).  I think you've earned an extra 5 points for the shields and tufts.  A most impressive army.


  1. Awesome, hope they fight as good as they look

  2. WOW. That force looks very impressive.

  3. may I be the first to suggest that they are not baggage handlers but flying carpets that have been grounded due to a volcano in Italy!

    Incredible work and if it had come later in the challenge words of sandbagging might have been used.

    Seriously tough excellent to see them all in one go like this.

  4. That is an amazing haul of models [picking jaw up off the floor]. Wonderful looking work as always Tamsin.

  5. I don't even bat an eye anymore when Tamsin's submissions include the phrase "...I've painted an entire 15mm army..."

    Great work Tamsin!

  6. Great work! Nice skin, shields and basework. Army look is great!

  7. Zowie that's a lot of troops. Well done Tamsin.

  8. An entire army in one go? and looking this good? Outstanding stuff!

  9. Fantastic work, Tamsin - they look amazing. And pretty incredible all in one go - terrific!

  10. Great work Tamsin on that massive army!


  11. Fabulous result Tamsin, great to see them completed.

  12. "beware the quiet Tamsin, for she will drop an army on you!"

    Great job! That's a massive entry

  13. BOOM ! Is that a point bomb going off. Nice one Tamsin, great stuff.

  14. Great work Tamsin. Great skin tones, wonderful cow shields and great bases. Plus you're brave enough to proudly display your baggage!

  15. Wow that is highly impressive, stunning looking army cant believe you have completed them in should a short time
    And you even took a break Dam girl you rock

  16. Impressive as always! This is a great-looking army, but I'm particularly taken by the basing. Your mix worked out great.

    (And as a side note, isn't it always wonderful to find a set of rules that requires significantly fewer figures to get a game going?)

  17. Beautiful work Tasmin! I really like your work on the shields. You did a great job creating a very irregular look with a limited palette.

  18. Impressive output and quite effective paiting on those tiny men. Congratulations

  19. Wowzers! What a lovely looking force, Tamsin. I think your brushwork gets better year-by-year. These look very clean and tidy, with so many wonderful detail packed in to each base. A fabulous entry.

  20. That is a lovely army delivered in an amazing timeframe - well done!
    I hope they perform for you as good as they look Tamsin :-)

  21. Crap thay are so very nice. Tamsin an army a session P


  22. ...

    Sorry, just fainted momentarily there. This is amazing stuff, really well done. Tamsin, you're a machine!

  23. @ Martin C - thanks! I'll find out soon enough how well they fight! :)

    @ Adam - cheers! :)

    @ Clint - have you been looking in the sacks that those four bearers are carrying? ;)
    Cheers! :)

    @ Lee - thanks! Hope you didn't knock any teeth out when your jaw hit the floor :)

    @ Greg - cheers! I think this is the first time I've submitted an entire army in one go though! ;)

    @ Alex S - thanks! :)

    @ Rod - cheers! :)

    @ Jamie M - thanks! It's a reasonably small army though... ;)

    @ Sidney - cheers! It was a good experiment to see if I could do that many in a week :)

    @ Dave D - thanks! :)

    @ Christopher - cheers! :)

    @ Michael A - thank you m'Lord! :)

    @ Iannick - I don't recall reading that maxim in Sun Tzu ;)

    @ Ken - one of many big BOOMs today! ;)

    @ James B - cheers! I find it hard to believe I got them done in a week :)

    @ David L - thanks! Yes, always good to find rules that don't require a thousand figures to play :)

    @ Eric M - cheers! One of these days I'll go for a unformed ancient army! :)

    @ Anibal - thanks! :)

    @ Curt - cheers! I'm not sure that my brushwork improves - I think it's more that I'm not using Klear/ink for shading so much :)

    @ Paul O'G - thanks! I hope they perform well too, but being a "dog" army I may have my work cut out using them :)

    @ Ian - cheers! This is likely to be the only complete army submitted in one go this year :)

    @ Evan - thanks! I'm not a machine - Blogger made me prove that last night when I was commenting on the bonus round posts! :)

  24. WOW! So much painting. They look excellent! cheers

  25. Now that is an impressive job. Great looking army there Tamsin! Very well done indeed.

  26. Super painting, Tamsin. Absolutely super. What a cracking posting imho :-)

  27. Wow, just awesome! Well done on getting a whole army done so quickly, and to such a great standard!

  28. Hello Tamsin theme tune for Genrals maybe
    General & Majors XTC or being a Punk like you Generals by Charged GBH

    Nice army


  29. @ Brendan - thanks! :)

    @ Nick J - cheers! :)

    @ Blax - thanks! I'll get onto the Sea Peoples before the end of the Challenge I hope :)

    @ Steve - cheers! I was surprised how quickly I finished them :)

    @ Barks - *smelling salts* :)

    @ Simon J - thanks! I'd forgotten those tracks :)

  30. Impressive, most impressive!

    Cheers, Ross

  31. "To make up for that, I've painted an entire 15mm army"
    That is vintage Tamsin. I'll never paint that many figures in what lifetime remains to me. Lovely work, young lady.

  32. Great looking army! You have been so ominously quiet - I have been waiting every day for you to drop an almighty points bomb, and you certainly went thermonuclear on this one.

  33. Amazing looking force Tamsin!

  34. @ Ross - thanks! :)

    @ Michael P - cheers Padre! Surely you mean "I'll never paint that many figures in one week" - you've got plenty of life left to paing a mere 224 figures :)

    @ Dux - thanks! If my paint-bomb was thermonuclear, what was Dave's? ;)

    @ Sander - cheers! :)

  35. Fantastic! Such a nicely painted army completed so quickly. I like the basing too.

  36. Wow that's quite a points bomb! Impressive stuff Tamsin!

  37. Whoa, there she is! Fantastic army with the hide shields!

  38. Amazing Tamsin, I'm loving the hide shields and the tips on painting's my Achilles heel so I prefer armies with helmets :-)

  39. @ Jonathan - thanks! :)

    @ Samuli - cheers! :)

    @ Phyllion - thanks, but you should have known I was working on something like this when I hadn't submitted anything since the first day! :)

    @ James - cheers! :)