Saturday, 28 January 2017

From TomF: AWI 24th British Foot (38 Points)

The first unit of the British forces comes off the painting table for the AWI Battle of Hubbardton project.

The 24th regiment was the only regular Foot unit for the British at the battle.  The other units were converged light and grenadier companies. There are 36 - 10mm Pendraken figures (AWB21 and 38)  in this submission.  They have the Saratoga campaign cut-down tricornes and coats (lack of supplies forced them to do this for spare material for repair) and have dark-green facings.

According to the Perry miniatures web site painting guide, it is quite likely the flags were left behind especially since the 24th was assigned to the Advanced Guard Brigade.  But I didn't have the heart to field the unit without their colors. The flags were modified from images found at the British Regimental Drums and Colors web site.

Earlier in the Challenge JasperO submitted this same unit in 28mm.  If you missed his submission, he did a wonderful job and it is interesting to compare the different scales of our submissions.

This unit marks a milestone in the 20+ years since I started painting historical miniatures.  I have painted a lot of horse and musket period miniatures, but this is the first unit of Redcoats to ever come off my painting desk.  And there are more to come!

Next up another American unit for the Battle of Hubbardton project.

Thanks for viewing my submission.


20+ years of Horse & Musket and you've never painted Brits up to this point?! I don't know how that even happens... ;)

Geez, these are lovely. Such fine brushwork and excellent attention to detail. If someone had said they were 15s I would not have questioned them. 

I can completely understand wanting to keep the colours with the unit. They would seem so incomplete without their brave banners waving above them. You did a great job on the base flag prints.

These 36 fellows will give you 38 points, with a few extra added in for the need-to-have flags.

Well done Tom!


  1. Excellent, you really bring the best out of these 10mm's as a painter of small scale I know how hard that is to do


  2. Impressive detailing at 10mm Tom- well done!

  3. Very nice detailing at this scale, they look great.

  4. Really lovely work on these teeny tiny chaps!
    Best Iain

  5. Nice work Tom. I like getting to see some more of the Pendraken figures.

  6. I thought these were 15s until I read the text a second time. Bravo, this is good work indeed.

  7. I have often said this is a war that should be wargames FAR more often. Brilliant 10mm goodness. I strongly hope there is more to see of these.

  8. They are a tidy bunch of 10mm, Tom! They look really great with the colors too- style is important! I agree with Clint that it is an underrepresented clash, but there seems to be a wealth of miniatures popping up for the FIW and the American Revolution.
    Don't know if I'd game the bigger battles, but I'm all in for the skirmish! ;)

  9. These turned out nicely! I find it quite impressive what's possible in 10mm.

  10. Very nice- I thought they were 15s!