Saturday, 28 January 2017

From SylvainR: Quality of Quantity (240 Points)

As announced on my last post, here are more Soviet infantry soldiers. This is a very repetitive type of paint job, but there will be some definite qualitative satisfaction to be had when fielding this quantity of units.

These are all Battlefront 15mm mid-war Strehlkovy and this is a whole company minus the officers and a few support weapons. I bought those 10 years ago and this project is now almost complete. Only a few SMG teams and officers need to be painted and then I will move on to the next project on my rigid, but satisfactory plan.

There are 12 bases with 5 soldiers (60 figures) and 15 bases with 4 soldiers (60 figures) for a total of 120 figures. At 2 points each, I rake in 240 points.

For Stalin! This way to Berlin!
I personally like smaller scales for WW2, because I enjoy the feeling mass infantry running fearlessly towards their enemy (or their doom) on the table. Although 15mm has its limits. I remember a game against a German player where I had to deploy all my troops within 6 inches of the table edge. Because Soviet troops are so cheap, with all my troops side by side, including cavalry and battalion level artillery, I could cover every square inch of my 8 feet by 6 inches starting area. It really felt silly. But I have some new rule sets suggested by participants of this Challenge that I would like to try in the next few weeks.


Like the Soviets of World War Two, the painting machine that is Sylvain, grinds relentlessly forward to his final goal.

Terrific work, Sylvain! I agree with you about 15mm being great scale for WWII. The relative scale and ranges on the tabletop often seems to jive better than 28mm, though with your huge collection I can see where it may be a challenge to get it all on a tabletop, no matter what rules you use. :)

I would preferred a few more pictures of your work, but the sample you provide above really shows your clean brushwork and attention to detail (the wedge cap on the Soviet officer is particularly well rendered, with its red and yellow piping). 

240 points it is! A formidable entry by any measure. Bravo Sylvain!


  1. Having pained the hoards I really can appreciate the task and how great your results are, well done


  2. "Quantity has a quality all of its own." I like a large Russian army in WW2 games and this one does not disappoint!

  3. Another 15mm horde entry - cracking work Sylvain and keep on grinding! :)

  4. Great stuff Sylvain - if you haven't looked at the Battlegroup rules yet, I can strongly recommend them.

  5. You can imagine them streaming towards the German positions alright! Great stuff!

  6. Very nice looking horde Sylvain!

  7. excellent, nice to see the Soviet hordes

  8. Great looking soviet horde, "For the Motherland! "
    Best Iain

  9. Awesome work Sylvain - the red tide is really going to roll across the table!

  10. Nice work on these tiny Soviets, Sylvain - and I can only reiterate what Clint has so correctly observed about quantity!

  11. I've painted these guys up before and they are a joy to paint and the quantity of them really looks great as a horde so well done!

  12. Bozhe moi! Very impressive.
    Having a "rigid but satisfactory plan" seems very Soviet, quite appropriate.

  13. First man grab rifle, second man grab bullets...
    Grand work, Sylvain!
    That is quite the horde of soviets you have now! ;)