Saturday, 28 January 2017

From Steve: Necromunda, BMG, Blood bowl.

First up is the last 5 Goliath gangers to finish off my Necro gang. I had a blast with theses guys, now I just have to start playing some games.

Next up is Commisuoner Gordon and some Swat guys from Knight models Batman the miniature game. Again lost of fun with these guys. Not quite happy with the swat on the shield. But it will do for now. I'm contemplating making a stencil for fixing it up later.

Next up is half of my skaven blood bowl team.with the  rerelease of blood bowl, I though I should get these guys done. I had stripped them a few years back, but had no incentive to paint them up.

Managed to sneak in 5 more blood bowl guys before submission.

So 23 x 28mm models should increase my score by 115 pts, bringing me to my half way goal. 



Lovely work Steve. Those Goliath gangers look pretty intimidating. Particularly nice job on the the skin tones and basework, it's very sharp. The one figure that really draws my eye though is your Commissioner Gordon. I love his trenchcoat and lenses on his glasses, he really looks the part of a tough-as-nails cop. Well done. 


  1. Great submission with beautifully painted figures


  2. As an Orlock player I have no good words at all for the Goliath gang what a bunch of Sump gurgling musclebound squibs!

    All well painted and the commissioner will be well served by the police I am sure, even the Ratmen are more pleasant than the Goliaths!!!

    (Ok the Goliaths are well painted as well.... but that does not mean I like the gang at all!)

  3. Nice Steve - love the Skaven, hope they perform well for you on the pitch!

  4. Oh these are all pretty good, I can't choose which I like best!

  5. That's some bloody nice work! I really like these Necromunda Gangers.

  6. Nice work. I especially like your work on the commissioner and swat team.

  7. Lovely looking gang members, swat team and scaven, all very nicely painted.
    Best Iain

  8. Excellent work Steve - I particularly love the Skaven.

  9. Very nice indeed, the green on the skaven armour is particularly well done.

  10. Very nice. I am trying to imagine the three groups mixed up in a three way riot, that would be worth seeing. The blue on the coppers came out well.

  11. They all look grand, Steve!
    I like the Goliath gang a lot, but the Commissioner Gordon figure is top notch other in sculpt and brushwork. He looks like he just stepped out of the comic book! ;)

  12. Love the Skaven, but the gangers are superb!