Saturday, 18 February 2017

Saturday Minion PeterD

Well I guess I didn't eff Monday's posts badly enough last year, so Curt's asked me to step in and pitch hit for him today while he compiles all of the "West" entries.

If you were following last year's challenge, you'll remember two things that you'll get from minion PeterD.

1.  A Mock Pulp Magazine Cover

2.  A Music Video from Peter's Eclectic Playlist.

Normally I go with  Canuck indie-rock or alt-country, but today I'm going back to my 20s with a classic bit of REM.  This song is from Green, their last album as critic's darlings before they became Grammy winning superband.  Note that Michael Stipe still has hair. It's classic early REM - driving beat, super creepy lyrics and the jangly sound of a Rickenbacker 12-string.  This version was released last year as part of a musical protest against a certain presidential candidate.


  1. Now, Peter, you see that garbage-free state that young Philip left the minioning office in? That's how you should have left it for me last year. You'd better remember to tidy up after yourself today as I'm sure Captain Campbell won't appreciate your frat-house mess! ;)

    Have a good guest-minioning day! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Dave, I'm glad that you enjoyed them.

  3. As all the local hicks in Saskatchewan say: 'Have a good one, buddy!'