Thursday, 2 February 2017

From SamuliS: Zebras and Volksgrenadiere (48 points)

Time for some more entries from me after a short pause! Life has been quite hectic now that our renovation has started and going straight from work to paint walls, install flooring etc. really has cut down on available hobby time. Apologies for not really being active with commenting either with no time at the computer outside of work. At least I've managed to browse through nearly all entries.

Both of these projects were started already a few weeks back, but finding an hour here and another there didn't help with progress. Finally on last friday I sat down for an all nighter to get the Volksgrenadiers painted before I needed them at the tournament early next morning. Some frantic painting and a restless night later they were ready for the battlefield. Somewhat ironically they never even made it to the table as I played with my main army through the whole tournament and didn't switch to the secondary one ever. So I guess the original Panzergrenadier platoon would have been enough even without these assault rifle additions... At least the tournament went nicely with another third place (third year in a row) for me. Lost one game with a miserable 6-1 showing which was enough to drop me into third. Still pretty happy as my list was geared up for fast games with either a win or a loss in the first few turns. I was in charge of the tournament so I figured it's better to get my own games done faster so that it would be easier to act as a referee and handle all the other things going around.

And speaking of referee's it's time to get some Zebras on the table for Blood Bowl as well. Me being me I immediately had to order the new Referee set, especially when it said Limited edition on the Forge World site... Somehow can't really resist anything that's supposedly on sale for a limited time only :) I'd imagine being a referee in Blood Bowl isn't exactly an enviable position with the constant risk of a hungry troll eating you, being beaten to pulp by an angry orc or getting your blood sucked out by a Vampire in need of a drink. So the ones who survive are most likely the meanest and craftiest individuals on the face of the planet. Not exactly the kind of referee you want to be getting pissed off at you. At least you can always bribe them with Gobbos always being open to a bag of gold and Halflings constant appetite making them easy to please with a good snack.

So with 19 15mm infantry and two 28mm models I should net another 48 points. Still a long  way to go...

With these out of the way my table is more or less clear from any projects. Not sure if I'm going to start anything before the renovation is finished and we've moved house. So most likely I'll be under radio silence until March when I'll have to try gather the remaining around 600 points that I'm missing from my goal... I do have a few business trips coming though so I might prep something to take with me in case I have some loose time in the hotel that needs to be passed in some other way than drinking beer in the lobby.

I know all to well the issues of sifting house and performing home renovations(I'm still unpacking from moving in November!) Still it is very nice to have you back. I wish you gave another shot of the
Germans but the zoomed in photo shows a bit of time was spent on them. Although not used, the sleepless night was well spent on them.
I really like your Forge World referees! They are packed full of character! My favorite is still the 1st ed human ref with the "come ere" gesture, but these fellows are very nice and well executed by your brush. Of the two I like the gobbo eyeing the coin toss, he seems to be thinking "shiney"


  1. From what I can see of the Germans, the cammo looks good. The referee figures are delightfully whimsical.

  2. Very nice work Samuli and congrats on your third 3rd place :)

  3. Great to see you back again Samuli. I like the refs, although I was expecting the four footed variety given recent Congo postings!

  4. Those refs are so cool! Great work on their stripes

  5. The Volksgenagier are a triumph. I hope my (Planned) Germans come out as good. Referees well what can one say a good ref improves the game. On the pitch and on the table!

  6. Great looking work, very neat stripes too


  7. Great Germans, love the refs and I get more painting time when I'm away for work then I do at home, so good luck with that!
    Best Iain

  8. The refs are indeed splendid and the Germans are not to shabby either ;-) great stuff!

  9. Great stuff! Nice to see another person take on the Refs :)

  10. Great paint work Samuli! "BOOOO - U suck Ref!!!" Always better to yell at a well-painted referee...

    Those Volksgrenadiers look fabulous too.

    If you are at loose ends project-wise, I recommend something like a sniper - a tribute to the Finnish hockey sniper, Patrik Laine, who is lighting up the NHL with the Winnipeg Jets!

    1. I was actually looking for a hockey player mini that I could paint up in suitable colours! Too bad nobody seems to make nice looking ones :(

  11. Great to see you out with us again, Samuli. The sandwich on the halfling ref is excellent. Nice work!

  12. Thanks for the comments everyone! The German pics didn't turn out too well, but alas I was too tired and wanted to get to bed to dig them out again to take new pics! Maybe in the next units :)