Thursday, 2 February 2017

Jez Todd - Samurai Theme "IKKO IKKI" - (90 points)

Hi All

Not sure any wargamer would deliberately choose to build up a Japanese peasant army - the Ikko Ikki, however as I had a job lot of warrior monks and farmers handed over from a Ronin skirmish gamer it fitted perfectly.

The first couple of pictures show 3 farmer peasants (Perry figures) and 4 assorted monks and more armoured Ikko Ikki league (The Assault Group and an odd converted Ronin Northstar range)

This was the first time for me to use the sabot style bases and in the background you can see some of the Warbases that I bought to hold the figures. The third picture below shows them in action in a large unit of Ikko Ikki impetuous Foot Light class troops - I think five figures is a bit skimpy but hopefully I have just got away with this.

In additional I have also done a couple of standard bases to create another large Command unit - this has a mounted converted Perry figure with a couple of TAG armoured foot. In a moment of inspiration I simply added a samurai standard sashimono to the top of spear base to create the standard - the banner design is taken from Osprey books. Behind are a couple more Perry figures.

Finally to round off I also completed 5 Perry figures that I am going to use as disorder markers when playing. In total I make this 16 foot and 1 mounted for 90 points.

I do like feudal Japan and adhoc forces, so you already have two tallies in your favor. I admittedly know little of the period save what I've gleamed from Arms and Armor books, folklore, and the Manga shows my kids like to watch! I do know I view Samurai with same trepidation that I do Napoleonics(Thank goodness there are no Napoleonic Samurai Hussars!)
I rather like your force comander as well, I like how his colors tie in with the Sohei monks. I also like the disorder tokens you've crafted. these are so much better than card tokens. I would be disordered to if someone was engaged in Suppuku behind me!
Ususally, prone figures are considered half points, but as I'm a fan of using miniatures for tokens and objectives, we will consider the bonus points as a wash for the two slackers!


  1. I assume they don't fight too well but they look great


  2. Very nice I like the guy committing Seppuku a bit gruesome but very thematic.

  3. This is turning out to be a very cool looking force. Well done Jez!

  4. The Warrior Monks of Japan are not something I know very much about. So it is very pleasing to see some cracking figures.

  5. Nice work Jez :)

    @ David B - you are correct about there being no Napoleonic Samurai Hussars - they had, of course, been phased out not long after the end of the Seven Years War ;)

  6. Well done Jez - this is an interesting looking army in a period that i know diddly about!

  7. More excellent feudal Japan stuff...these are very sharp. Nice job Jez.

  8. Really nice, good to see a peasant /monk force.
    Best Iain

  9. Thanks for all the comments - not sure how this army will fight in a game. Historically they utilised marshland defences so think plenty of rough ground and using them like a war band type army. Should be something different. Hopefully will finish a few more before end of the challenge - Jez

  10. I like to see underdog armies of peasants and rebels, and these guys certainly fit the bill. I have been considering sabot bases for some of my LOTR hordes, and am now more inclined in that direction. Well done.