Thursday, 2 February 2017

From BenitoM - Dashing French Hussars(40 points)

After a couple of weeks absent, I return today with more Napoleonic troops. Now it's time for some French forces after completing the Portuguese unit. I own Cuirassiers, Dragoons and Chasseurs in my collection, but no Hussars.

Today I bring only half squadron of French Hussars. This unit is a challenge to paint and that explain my poor output. I did some research and decided to go for the 3rd Regiment, that took part in a very active way in the Peninsular battlefield and later in the 100 days campaign.

This regiment is easily distinguishable by the colour of their uniforms: a sort of faded blue-grey.   But this already posed a challenge; and after several attempts I found that the closest colour to the actual uniform was the Vallejo 900 "French Mirage Blue" the base of the "blue ciel" uniforms of the First World War. The cords are dark red and the metal buttons in silver.

My plan is to paint two 8-men squadrons, the first dressed with the uniform of the Elite company and the second with the cylindrical Shako widely used during most of the war. Today's photos are from the Elite unit.

Although not used in campaign, I decided to make them wear the Pelisse... otherwise who would say that they were Hussars at all!

In truth there's still some work to do in thes emodels, as I will use these transfers from LBM for the decoration of the sabretache. But for that I need much better weather than currently (raining and humid) as I need to varnish the models to help the transfer stay in place and not peel off (my experience with other models has not been good in this sense).

The models are the superb Perry plastic box. I also acquired some metal models (officer, trumpet and trooper) to complte the two squadros (a total of 16 models). 

These four models add 40 points to my personal account and also reinforce my lead position in the Sharp Practice duel scoring.

Well these certainly wet the appetite after your Portuguese! I've become accustomed to brightly colored Napoleonic troops, most especially the Hussars. The Third seem to take a very buisiness outlook as opposed to the the more flamboyant regiments of their class. They are very striking in the blue grey though! I like the extra detail packed on to these that you brought out as well. they may be utilitarian in color choice, but they are definitely Hussar in the lace, piping, and bling!
Good luck with the decals, they do look pretty.


  1. Dashing is just the right word for these gorgeous cavalry.

  2. Gorgeous looking hussars, really enjoying your Naps


  3. Wow, these guys are just lovely.

  4. A very nice looking troop of Hussars

  5. Fabulous looking Hussars, Benito. The 3rd has been a favourite of mine since seeing Carradine in 'The Duellists' as a kid. Good luck with those sabretache transfers - they look cool but very fiddly.

  6. Huzzah for hussars! Lovely work Benito :)

  7. Fantastic looking hussars, lovely sculpts and lovely painting!
    Best Iain

  8. Lovely looking hussars Benito. The blue came out very well - my SYW French hussars were the same blue. Transfer for the sabretaches sounds like way to much hard work for me though!

  9. Fine work Benito, and all the best with those transfers...those seem like one of those things which are a good idea in practice, but a bit of a nightmare to use. But if they work out, wow! These are already lovely, so even better with the transfers I'm sure!

  10. what fine moustaches these gents all have! Really nicely turned out. I cannot recommend micro-sol and micro-set highly enough and then paint over with airbrush thinner to really glue the buggers down.

  11. Smashing work, Benito. I admire you for taking the time to do a few figures to your own high standards.
    I have used micro-sol myself, it is good stuff.