Friday, 10 February 2017

Friday Minion Behind Schedule

Good 'morning' everyone! Friday minion, normally so punctual, is behind schedule*.

But, no worries, we'll catch up I'm sure. 

We have a good spread of submissions today, well done Friday Crew for getting your sh*t together. KenR has two entries, in 15mm and 28mm, MartinN a stunning Roman command stand, Grahame is finishing yet more armies (are you ever not finishing them, Grahame?), IanW offers his weekly SYW fix, there's the latest in Fred's Pulpy saga from Sander, aaaaand more old school fantasy goodness from Keith. Such awesome! 

Right, with the immense task of the intro post done, it's time to go out for lunch, See you again in a couple of hours ;-)


*being behind schedule is actually normal behaviour for Friday minion, I'm not sure how this past month has been so organised. 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Tamsin, and your good self!

  2. "Hey Bannana!" is going to be my new catchphrase in work.

  3. Right, I'm back from a rather delicious lunch and post-lunch haircut: time to get the entries flowing!

  4. It's TGI day... have fun everyone

  5. By how you describe your minion work schedule you must be a government employee... (I speak with confidence on this being one myself!) ;P