Thursday, 9 February 2017

From JezT - Venetian Crossbow (40 points)

Hi All

Just a few bases of Perry Miniatures Venetian Crossbow to keep the points ticking over - 8 figures so 40 points. Actually although small in points value this is a memorable paint job as they have been on my list to do for a couple of years and joining the challenge has helped me to complete them!

When I finally started they were very easy to do. I think the distinctive paint job red and white colours for Venice really helped - you are then on a strict painting schedule and no thinking required. Have based as a skirmish and T shooter unit as per Impetus rules. The final picture shows them with some earlier Venetian archers as wanted to match the colour scheme to fit in with them.

Cheers Jez

They look splendid, Jez! Skirmishers are my favorite sort of troop as recon/scout is my job. Ignore them at your peril! ;)
I was unaware that Venice used red and white, but most of my Italian War knowledge comes from Nicco Machaveli, and that is mainly the hows and what fors. They look sharp with the leatherwork and equipent though. I also like your terrain in the shot. I do craft my own scratch builds, but PDF saves so much money and time and looks nice when based proper.
I am glad you procrastinated with them so they could make an appearance in AHPC too! you have almost encirled the Snowlord now as well! ;)


  1. Great work Jez. I've done-up these very same figures and agree that they are great to work on. Is the rest of your Impetus force Venetian, or do you have other city states represented?

  2. Great looking crossbow men!
    Best Iain

  3. I'm another big fan of this range of Perrys. You've done a great job on them.

  4. Great work Jez - always excellent to see some old or stalled projects move forward!

  5. Great work in reanimating an old project!

  6. Thanks everyone - Curt asked about my Impetus rules troops and in this period I started with French - Swiss and Gendarmes and X-bow. Lots of figures can be used across armies though. For Venetian I especially have Stradiots (but these can also be in the French army), I also have own Venetian men at armies as well as light infantry. Reminds me I need to play more with Venetians ....

  7. Very nice work on these Perry figs - they're the best Italian Renaissance sculpts around for mine!