Tuesday, 21 February 2017

From ChrisH - Tuesday's Mixed Bag (107 points)

I may just get there, well that is the hope. A mere 700 points this year and I still think I have bitten off more than I can chew. Work just got a whole lot busier as my Boss if off on paternity leave with his wife's first born and I have stepped into his shoes. Alas I spend my nights without a brush in hand. But to stay sane I get to lick the point into shape and splash the occasional colour on some old toys. In this case some Gripping Beast Dark age minis to go with my growing horde for SAGA and some really old Metal Magic Sci-fi troopers. Points wise 21 X 28mm at 5 each (based this time hehehe) I hope to net 105.

 Enough for the intro now onto the miniatures.

More Modern miniatures than those below. Infinity Nomads both painted just before CanCon 2017 but I only used the one on the right. He actually did rather well but seemed to take a bullet in every game.
Back shot, needs more work, oh well no time.

10+ year old gripping beat shield wall to add to my collection

Metal Magic (from Germany) Sci-Fi troopers, they were meant to be Japanese? I think but I have no paperwork to remember them by. These are the same company that made the brilliant Asterix miniatures. Oh how I want those figures. But they are out of my price range on evil-bay.
Purchased 15+ years ago and painted up for the new Osprey Black ops rules set I picked up in January.

Command for the section. What I like about these is the deep detail on all the figures. They take a wash rather well and even finger nails are present. I would love to know who the sculptor was and what they are up to now.

Section part a, of course there are more details to add, the webbing and packs need a khaki and the guns could do with further highlight. The "hacker"/medic/coms operator? in the middle has some great little button controllers that scream out for reds and yellows but no time.

Section part b, I tried a really simple desert style to practice on as I have some of the Empress Miniatures Australians that were bought in the Kickstarter they did around 2? years ago. The brown is a bit bright and the "blobs" a bit big for modern camo but I hope to refine it. Thanks for looking.

Alan and Paul: Well you have certainly managed to get an eclectic bunch finished this week, and a very respectable output given the selfishness of your boss in having a baby during the Challenge. Keep on plugging away there! I'm very taken with the Metal Magic troopers in particular. Never heard of this company, but they look great with your paintjob, and it must be very satisfying getting some paint on them after all this time. I've added a couple of extra points for the hand painted shields.


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    1. Great work on this mixed bag Chris :)

  2. Nice work Chris. I love the look of those old sci-fi sculpts...gotta grab them when you can!

  3. Nice work Chris. Those Metal Magic figures look cool.

  4. Very cool Chris. I really like the vibrant colours of the Infinity pair.

  5. Great to see you mining so deep in the lead mountains Chris, 10 and 15 year old figs! Well done.

  6. I like the infinity troopers, they have a lot going on in detail and pose. The Vikings and the shields are very nice, but I really like those old scifi troopers. Those blue goggles give them a cool robotic insect look!

  7. Very eclectic collection. I love the Dark Ages shields, very nice.

  8. Nice work. Those sci fi troopers are very cool. cheers

  9. Love the old school Sci Fi and the shields.

  10. Thanks for all the nice comments. Sometimes old is good.