Tuesday, 21 February 2017

From Sean M: Slaves to Darkness: Part 1, plus other stuff (60 points)

Inspiration is a fickle thing.

Part of my impetus to compete in the contest was to give me the gumption to clear away the backlog from the painting drawers. You know, those Plano cabinets you've been filling with those cherished finds that "I'll get around to someday!" Well, today's submission (hur, hur, you'll get it later) is a chance to clear our the odds and sods that I've been collecting for decades to make an GW OldHammer style Chaos Warband.

So, every warband needs a boss, so let's start with a Champion of Slaanesh. This guy/gal(?) started life as a MidHammer Chaos Champion I got from a bits box at Campaign Outfitters, I believe. It was just a torso/legs, so a sort thru the bitz box was needed to add some limbs, and a head. Although, heads were optional back in the OldHammer days.

So, as the model indicates, this Champion has 26-35 Crab-Like Claws, 36-50 Hermaphordite and 66-73 Chaos Familiar. The left arm and cloak are off of a NewHammer Chaos Warrior, the right off of a Chaos Squat and the head from a 4th ed High Elf. Purple will be the colour to tie all of this together.

Alan and Paul: Nice to see a second entry today where a Challenger was able to dust off some figures that had been needing some pigmenty love for decades. This is a scary looking bunch that just screams Dragon Rampant to me. The purple is a good scheme, and kudos for the conversion work. I count ten figures on foot and one mounted, giving you 60 points. Let me know if I have miscounted anything!


  1. Great fun, I'd like to see more of this evil force.

  2. Nice conversion, always good to see stuff getting done..... I find it gives me an excuse to buy more!

  3. Great stuff Sean! I've got the chap on the right with the natty wolf skin hat in my collection too.

  4. Very good, wuite the start for a promising warband I am sure!

  5. Great looking warband ,the colours work really well.
    Best Iain

  6. So, let's tell a story. There were actually 18 photos plus a crap ton more text, but the joys of rural internet cut it off about a quarter of the way through. I'll put a full post together for next week, which should add another couple of non-Chaos minis, plus better pictures of all of the Warband.


    1. It's quite alright, Sean! At least you weren't 8hrs into a course when the military Web site dumped and erased ALL of your past torturous work AND booted ya from the net! ;)
      The look excellent and although I can see the rest of the crew reasonably well, I'll look forward to next week's update!;)

  7. Great to see the deeper depths of lead mountain being mined. Great work Sean!

  8. I think it's super creepy that your bad dude has a lobster claw. Well done, sir.

  9. GW made a great little mini game of chaos warbands oh....15+ years ago these are perfect for it, great effort

  10. Well done Sean. Always nice to remember Campaign Outfitters!