Friday, 17 February 2017

From EricM: Slinging More Bull (260 points)

Hi All.   This week I spent more time on the bullheaded Romans.  I was able to knock out three 16 man cohorts.   The shields are pretty easy to paint its just a matter of getting the symmetry right.

Some of the cows have longer horns than others but I figure that's nature right?

I completed one cohorts of the bullheads last week with the 3 this week I only have one more cohort to go for the half legion.

My big crisis came this week when I considered what they would look like on the table.   Four ranks and 4 files just doesn't look right for Romans.   I will be adding 2 more figures to each unit and go six files and three ranks.

My second big change of the week is the lighting used to take the photos.  I went with 2 compact florescent natural lights.   I liked the compact florescent bulbs so much I switched over in my painting lamp.  For those of you who are as impatient as I am, the light looks terrible until they "warm" up.   I tried them a year or so ago and gave up right away because I didn't wait for them to come to full brightness. Once warm they give great light!

All the bullheaded Romans are from Wargames Foundry's caesarean range.  I am a big fan of the range but at today's prices it would be an investment to build an army of them.

Here is the first cohort of the week.   (I think officer int he red cloak is 1st corp and not Foundry)

 Here's the second cohort of the week.   These are all Foundry.

 And the third cohort.

My final figure for he week is Warlord Games Marcus Crassus.    I love how dynamic the pose is.  I am not sure if he would be my vision of Marcus Crassus but I think he will make a great looking legate.

Here is a group photo.

I was able to complete 49 28mm figures this week.

Whoa, these are the bull's bollocks en mass for sure. Three cohorts in a week is a good pace to set, and you're back with more from my new favourite yellow bovine legion The paintwork is really neat once again, the yellow excellent and the shield designs well captured. Nice work on the photos too, I find daylight lamp really helps, as does multiple light sources. Depending on your camera and confidence using it, you can also try to get a greater depth of field by setting the f.stop manually, to get every rank in focus.  Forty nine 28mm miniatures is 245 points, but I'm still hugely impressed with your work on the shields, so I'll round that to 260 points. Great stuff! 



  1. Wonderful stuff Eric! They look terrific all massed together.

    I have a LOAD of these from years ago that I've kept as a 'Retirement Project'. Good for Roman Civil War. You're right, they are great sculpts. Steve Saleh's work, I believe.

  2. Excellent work, just love those shields!

  3. Your Romans continue to set the pace and standard for Ancients in this year's AHPC. Crassus looks very fine.

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  5. Great Romans, very well painted and based. My look awful by comparison. Well done.

  6. Very nice work especially the shields!


  7. Very fine work, Eric! Those shields are very well done!