Friday, 17 February 2017

From VictorK: 28mm Sci-Fi and WWII Germans (100 Points)

Okay, there would be no shields this time (wait for them next week, some Iberian cavalry incoming).

First are some Germans for WWII, nothing really special about them. Warlord minis (really nice, if you ask me), vallejo paints. This isn't an organized group like squad or a team, just a base for a future squad, an officer and a flamethrower carrier.

There is a proverb in our local community: "If you don't know, which colour to use for a miniature, paint it with fieldgray." Tons of sci-fi, fantasy and modern-like infantry were painted with fieldgray in our club - this colour is easy to use and nice-looking on the tabletop.

And the creams (for me) of this post are these guys - more different sci-fi minis from Corvus Belli, Inifinity, to use in our RPG.

And now on the groups. Those in red would be used as space pirates, PMC contractors and well-organized criminals. One of the main sources of military equipment on the Frontier is the "Atlas" corporation, and it uses red and white colours. Lots of  "bad guys" use their armour and guns as they are pretty easy to obtain and very reliable. In rare cases you can even obtain (buy, steal, get by other means) a power armor! And one of this guys managed to do it.

Next are two new operatives for 'Serenity' corporation. One is a common 'security specialist', but the lady is a more sophisticated person - covert operator and assassin (of course she is, everybody knows, that wearing a cloak makes you a steals-master!)

Two guys, which are nothing really specific - criminals, militia, adventurers, PMC-contractors, "hired guns".

And one more "gun specialist", accompanied by a member of "U Zang Wong" corporation.

So there are 20 28-mm minis, which sum up to a total of 100 points exactly.

Great entry again, Victor. Everyone appreciates a bit of Feldgrau in the morning, but those SciFi minis are most excellent. Interesting you're using them for your RPG, but thanks for sharing the background. Are you mixing manufacturers or just choosing from the Infinity range (which must be pretty huge by now)?  

I really like the Sci-fi styled clear bases on your Infinity minis. Partial as I am to the hulking power armour, I think my favourite of the bunch is that gun specialist at the bottom. I was fond of the Infinity system a few years ago, and have rather a lot still in my lead pile, but found the release schedule and power creep of later factions a bit much to keep up with. Still, the core rules are really dynamic and fun. 

100 points for your good self. Looking forward to those Iberian cavalry next week.  



  1. I really like those Scifi minis, Victor! The Germans are well done, but those infinity models look very sharp. I fully intend on getting a few for my collection ! ;)

  2. Lots of good stuff here. Great work

  3. Nice done some quality minis in there

  4. Nice germans, I really like the sci fi mobs they look excellent!
    Best Iain

  5. Nice work Victor. I like your work on the Infinity figures.

  6. Very nice infinity figures!

    Are they straight up glued to the clear bases?

    1. Yeah, those bases have an etching (or carving) on one side, i paint those places, then flip the base and glue the model to the flat side of the base

  7. I like the dark, deep red especially, well done

  8. Phil, answering to your question - we decided to use only Infinity models, because they have a very special look, they fit our world, but it's hard to mix them with other manufacturers. Inifinity range covers pretty all our needs

  9. Very nice indeed, those bases are a great touch.

  10. Nice work Victor. The scifi minis are great.

  11. Terrific work Victor. I really like what you've done with these figures and the basing is brilliant.

  12. Love the infinity minis the clear bases work well