Tuesday, 28 February 2017

From SeanM - Let's try this again... What should have been posted last week (15 points)

Right then.

My temper is rightly a-frayed, as the internet gremlins ate most of my last post. So most of this post is not for scoring, but to properly display what was supposed to be there. Let's start with a recap.

So this was the glamour shot of the Slaaneshi Warband to date.

"So, every warband needs a boss, so let's start with a Champion of Slaanesh. This guy/gal(?) started life as a MidHammer Chaos Champion I got from a bits box at Campaign Outfitters, I believe. It was just a torso/legs, so a sort thru the bitz box was needed to add some limbs, and a head. Although, heads were optional back in the OldHammer days"

"So, as the model indicates, this Champion has 26-35 Crab-Like Claws, 36-50 Hermaphordite and 66-73 Chaos Familiar. The left arm and cloak are off of a NewHammer Chaos Warrior, the right off of a Chaos Squat and the head from a 4th ed High Elf. Purple will be the colour to tie all of this together."

So that was the post that as it was published, but there is MOAR!!! Here is the rest of the Warband, with their accompanying Slaves of Darkness table entries.


Well, here are three of the fallen gents. The first is mounted, this figure is Mid/LateHammer. Much like the Champion, this mini was a store bitz box find, so he came sans arm and horse. A delve through the bitz box dressed him up all Chaosy.

Following him up are two comrades, who are pure, unmodified OldHammer. I've had these minis cooling in the Planos, waiting for a rainy day. These seems as good time as any.

I'm not a fan of the "Let's paint the armour all the colours" school of Chaos, so beaten steel is the look I go for.

36-38: 2d4 CHAOS DWARFS

I've got two tranches of Chaos Dwarfs. The first is a random emptying of the drawers of things that look Chaos. From the left, a Chain Mail dwarf bezerker, a big hat Chaos Dwarf that is trying to recover from a horrible hack job, and a Chaos Squat with a plastic arm. The Squat came with all of the tentacles, which seemed very appropriate for a Slaaneshi Warband.

I've been trying to be moderate on my use of purple.

These next chaps are all OldHammer Chaos Dwarfs. I must admit, I like the old spiky aesthetic over the later big hat/nose Assyrian look.


This chap is a amalgam of several different mini lines. I think the corpulent wizard is from the Fadin Suns line. I picked him up ages ago, thinking if I am on day going to go Chaos, I need this freak of nature in the Warband. Pretty much, he's just flesh tone and Ogryn Flesh wash. The captive is from a Deathwalker from the IKRPG line. The pose of the left arm did not need any modification. The back banner is from the plastic Empire Flagellents set.

You can't unsee those man-glutes!

By now, you might need some mind bleach, so I'll add some dignity to what is otherwise an ugly brawl with some Gunners!

So the gun is not a scoring unit, as it is just included for scale. These minis are Black Tree design, and the clean up was pretty easy. The detail is crisp and deep, and they were a quick refreshing joy to paint after the soul crushing Wargames Factory Celts. However, I realize now that I need to repaint the bases to match the rest of my Dogs of War army. <sigh>

I did forget to post another mini, an anti-hero who sows Chaos in his wake.

Nope, the one from the comics.

No, the guy in orange...

Yes, everyone's favourite fantasy comic book, Groo! This was a very simple figure, with a pose that immediately recalls the comic book my pre-teen self enjoyed. I found this guy in my pre-Challenge sorting for projects, still in the shrink wrap baggie. Again, a nice little palette cleanser of a mini.

So, only three new minis over the original, truncated post, but how could I deny you all of the glory that is the Fat Bastard Chaos Sorcerer.


Alan and Paul: Great to see your figures in their proper glory after the gremlin attack last week. The mounted chaos champion is definitely my favourite, although I find I can't unsee the sorcerer. Thanks for that. I'm enjoying seeing what your bitz box is turning up! More please!


  1. Great job Sean. Always nice to see your blitz box adventures.

  2. Nice little warband, Sean! I really like the chaos dwarves and the "rescued" knight. Groo is the star! I never knew they made a mini of him!

  3. Wonderful work Sean - I really like that mounted Chaos Champion.