Monday, 27 February 2017

AdamC- Imagi-Nation Regiment Johns and Grenadiers (48 Points)

 The second regiment of the Draconian Army is named for my friendly foe Micheal Johns of Creepy Hollow- Restored (formally know as Sleepy Hollow Restored).  Micheal is a very good painter and gamer and he shines as builder of terrain.  He came up with a interesting Uniform pairing red and pink.
 The combination wasn't used in the 18th century as for as I know but several prominent regiment did have pink cuffs and facings.  I think it came out looking very sharp and I look forward to getting them on the table.
 The flags are from Ray's collection John like Catholic images in his war gaming so the St. George iconography seemed like the way to go.
 I had some extra grenadiers so I painted them up 4 in the colors of Regiment von Sheppard and 4 in the colors of Regiment Johns
 The flags are form Michas Figuren who has a stunning selection of flag and heraldry images that is ever growing. I modified these to look a bit less Medieval and I might possibly switch them out for something more 18th century.
There are a total of 24 15mm figures mostly Old Glory 15s (there might a few Bluemoon mixed in there too).  I believe that should be another 48 points for me both for the challenge and for the "Seven Years War" side duel.

MilesR: - Nicely done!


  1. Nice work Adam. I once held these "Imagini-nations" to be kind of odd, but it is really neat to see how people get into them. Cool stuff.

  2. Is that Major (Ronald) McDonald leading the von Sheppard grenadiers?

    Nice work Adam - the red and pink uniforms work rather well :)

  3. Whoa, those are BOLD! Great work Adam.

  4. They are boldly striking in those colors, Adam! Very nice choice of flags for your ImagiNation troops too. They suit them well!

  5. Nice work with the pink Adam! Flags look pretty cool too!