Monday, 20 March 2017

From JonathanO - Winter War Russian Infantry (244 Points)

Finally, here are the Russians.  Trudging through the freshly fallen snow.  These are Baker Company figures.  Unlike the Finns, I had not prepared them in advance of the challenge.  There was a lot of flash to remove on many of the figures.  However, I am quite pleased with how they turned out and that I (just) got them finished in time to make a final day contribution.

There are 50 figures, but 3 are prone so will be worth less points.

Spring is supposed to be arriving, but it seems appropriate that it has been snowing here today as I finished off the basing for these guys.

As happened last year, work and related travel really curtailed my progress for the second half of the challenge and I have many part painted figures that are going to miss the final tally.  I have an Assyrian infantry unit oh so close to being ready and lots more Assyrians well underway.  I did not get any of the Winter War vehicles completed and I did  not even make a start on my Sharp Practice Project.  Oh well.  Sadly, I will miss my points target too.  This post should boost my Early WWII side duel tally, though.

I have not really had chance to enjoy many of the posts over the last few weeks and I see lots more have been added this weekend.  At least there will be a wonderful gallery of painting to catch up on, even after the challenge ends.

Thank you to all the participants for sharing your amazing talents and great variety of miniatures.   Thank you Curt and all your marvelous minions and other helpers for running this most enjoyable event!



A wonderful final entry Jonathan! I remember when looking at the Kickstarter not being too impressed with the Finnish sculpts, but these Russians look much better to my eye, but then again that may be them benefiting from a good paintjob. :) Either way, this force looks terrific. I particularly like seeing all the red stars on their funny-looking budenovka pointed hats.

244 points to add to your tally. Well done!

Though I can sympathize with your struggle having work commitments cut into hobby time, it was still great to have you with us this year, Jonathan. As you say, you did get a good chunk of your WWII project done, so that was a big success to mark down. I do hope you will join the crew the next time the HMS Challenge leaves port. 



  1. Great entry, those Ruski's really look very good in their winter gear!

  2. Nice work Jonathan and the winter basing looks great! :)

  3. Lots of great winter submissions right at the end! Well done Jonathan.

  4. Nice work Jonathon - I like the red stars on thars.