Monday, 20 March 2017

From TamsinP: The Figures Wot I Painted

Well, the Challenge is over and between us we've managed one heck of a lot of painting. Great effort one and all! I'm sure that in a few days Miles will be along with a statistical analysis to tell us exactly how well we've done.

It's now a tradition that we should each do a round-up post of everything that we painted up, so here's mine. I was actually drafting this when I noticed that Curt was drafting his. Great minds or something...

Front Row - 15mm ancient Nubians
Second Row - 15mm Choson Koreans
Third Row - 15mm SYW Russians
Back Row - 28mm WW2 Soviet women; 28mm sheep and lion; 15mm SciFi vehicles; 28mm Pulp

And this is the "Hall of Shame"

I actually did a count-up and there are 1601 points of figures prepped and (in most cases) primed figures in there. A slight case of over-prepping!

Which just leaves the votes of thanks:

Lady Sarah - for putting up with (and indeed, to some extent, encouraging) this annual bout of madness. Brava!

Curt - for starting the whole thing up, keeping it going, encouraging us all, herding the cats to such astonishing levels of production, looking after the bonus theme rounds, organising prize sponsors and generally just being a great chap. Bravo!

Miles - our resident mathemagician for keeping track of the stats and ensuring the proper sacrifices are conducted according to the prescribed rituals, setting up the scoring spreadsheet and for being a great Monday Minion. Bravo!

Millsy - for keeping track of entries and being a great Duels Wallah. Bravo!

The Minions - for doing a fantastic job of adjudicating all the posts submitted during the week. Bravo!

The Sponsors - for all the generous prizes. Bravo!

The Challengers - for all your wonderful entries, encouraging comments and general inspiration and camaraderie to keep each other going. Bravo!

So, time to clean the brushes, stash everything away and take a breather before returning to the fray.

Well done all!


  1. That is a staggering amount of work Tamsin. Hats off to you m'dear! Thanks for being a great supporter of the event, it's always very much appreciated.

  2. stunning performance this year, dreading getting all mine out again

  3. As usual an impressive output, Tamsin. See you next year

  4. Impressive output as always. Well done and of course, Bravo!

  5. Very impressive output, Tamsin!

  6. Fantastic job Tamsin! Don't fret - my pile of shame rivals yours :-)

  7. A great challenge Tamsin, ...and at least you have some prepared stuff in reserve!

  8. Impressive output - top flight stuff

  9. Incredible productivity Tamsin. I have a bunch of prep unpainted as well this year. cheers

  10. Many thanks, Tamsin, for your work. For me, you are always the symbol of this event. The way you work, what you write and how you discuss other people's work - all this is the full embodiment of this magnificent event!

  11. @ Curt - I'd certainly be staggering if I tried to carry it all in one go! It's been a pleasure once again ;)

    @ Martin - thanks! :)

    @ Benito - cheers! :)

    @ Lee - thanks! But it should be "Brava!" :)

    @ Barks - cheers! :)

    @ Paul O'G - thanks! Sounds like you have next year's painting sorted out then :)

    @ Ken - cheers! :)

    @ Dave D - thanks! I definitely have a few bits left to paint :)

    @ Miles - cheers!

    @ Brendon - thanks! :)

    @ Alex - cheers! That's very nice of you to say, but I'm really just being me :)

  12. Damn that's a lot of little figures! Bravo, great challenge output (as usual) Tamsin!

  13. Great output Tamsin!!! Very well done.

  14. Well it was a blast and your approach to the Challenge is always inspiring. I sincerely believe that your presence in the Challenge is a major factor in creating the atmosphere of comradery and friendship. Thanks for everything!

  15. Quality and quantity, AND you did your share of the heavy lifting in the minion department as well.

    Played strong, Tamsin, well done!

  16. Nicely done Tamsin. excellent production and quality

  17. What an impressive total! Excellemt work throughout Tamsin.

  18. Great work again Tamsin - high volume and high quality. I enjoyed chatting over the inter web with you.