Monday, 20 March 2017

From SteveM: ww2, Cold War, Modern, and camels... last post (564 Points)

We finish off challenge VII with a variety of miniatures.  I started each of these after the Polish horde was done and man, this was a lot of work even painting full time.

15mm infantry qty: 163
15mm guns qty:  4
15mm vehicles qty: 35
15mm heli qty: 2

28mm camels qty: 3

These are Battlefront Miniatures 15mm M10 and a Tetrach. A couple of nice models.

The 15mm Hinds are from Battlefront Miniatures Soviet range for my East German Team Yankee force. There is an escalation league coming up and they will get some action. Note, yes, one piece is on backwards and I'll be fixing it.

I picked up these 15mm Khurasan Miniatures from one of the miniature trading sites last week and thought I'd give them a go. They will go well with a Force on Force game.  I really like this M1151 model.

 These are 15mm Battlefront Miniatures gbx90 plastic Tiger tanks. Interesting that once the tracks are put on for turret armor, there is no room for tank numbers.

These are 15mm Battlefront Miniatures Mot-Schutzen Kompanie for the escalation league. This is the first one, another one down below.  I noticed that the rpg figs bend quite easy so be careful handling them before they are based. 

These are 15mm Battlefront Miniatures metal and resin tanks. They are factory fresh and don't have unit numbers or weathering (yet). Very playable though at this stage. Once they get sent to the front and the unit determined, the markings will be painted on.

These are 15mm Battlefront Miniatures T-55AM2 East German tanks.  Metal and resin. There is another company making a lower cost version soon I hear out of plastic.

The second 15mm Mot-Schutzen Kompanie.

These are 15mm Battlefront Miniatures German Pak40 platoon.  They are shiny as I ran out of time to dull coat them and if one looks  closely they can see the shrubs are still drying. Or, looking at it another way, maybe it rained on the field and that is why they are still wet. 

And I end the post with three obligatory camels. They are from Wargames Foundry line and 28mm. It is nice to have three camels in my stable now...maybe next year the herd will grow.

And they walk away into the sunset carrying my painting tools with them. 


Steve uses a WMD for his final entry. Have you been talking to Ray and Miles? 

Wow, this is an amazing entry. From the M10s, to the Hinds, to the Tigers, to the T-55s, to the... Well, you get the idea - its pretty gobsmacking stuff and my head feels like its going to explode trying to process it right now. Lets just say it's real Bigly.

I put this at 564 points. Jeez that is a lot of points, and as an extra bonus we have camels for the close of the Challenge! You've retrieved our honour, Steve. We couldn't have finished without some camels. :)

A BIG Well Done!


  1. Good gravy, now that's an entry and a half.... strewn across more time periods than I care to calculate too!

  2. really nice! I am torn between the Tetrarch and the Hinds as to which are my favourites...

  3. By 'eck Steve - that's a big entry to finish on. Almost a Rayesque sandbag one might say jumping you from 15th place to 7th! I was thinking that maybe Anthony would pull something out of the bag to knock me into 8th place but hadn't looked much further down the table. Well done! :)

    Lovely work on the 15mm hordes and on those camels - they have become something of a tradition in the Challenge, but fortunately not obligatory...yet! :)

  4. Quite a points nuke for the final hours. Great stuff! As a fan of the "Team Yankee" game, know you will need these mass painting skills, as you do not yet have enough T55s :)

    Well done!

  5. Wow Steve - way to go out on a high! Love it all but the camels steal the show for me.

  6. BOOM! Now that's a points post! Great stuff! cheers