Saturday, 4 March 2017

From MilesR: More FOW Pacific Troops (168 Points)

 A bit more Pacific themed Flames of War stuff this week.  First up is a platoon of 3 Ho Ro Japanese assault guns.  These tanks have paper this armor but do mount a 150mm gun for a bit of a punch.

 Next is a US Marine AT gun unit with 4 37mm guns/crews, 3 bazooka teams and a HQ.

 Lastly - a second US Marine Infantry platoon to go with the one completed last week.
A group shot of all the FOW Pacific stuff completed to date.  I have a few odds and end to finish up but this will be the bulk of what gets painted this year.

Lets see - the tally is:

3 Tanks for 18 points

AT Gun Platoon has 25 figures plus 4 guns which nets 66 points

Marine Infantry Platoon has 42 figures and comes to 84 points

Total: 168 points

This submission plus this weeks bonus round should but just a few points ahead of last years final tally with two weeks to go.  I wonder if I have any surprises up my sleeve?

From DaveD
Its Saturday and its another fine collection of work from Miles our spreadsheet king as he works his way to the upper reaches of the table once more... will Martin catch him!  and I don't believe for one minute Miles you don't have something up your sleeve! Look forward to seeing it and well done on bettering last years total. 


  1. Nice work. I have an unusual bomb for Monday and we will see how the run in goes. I fully expect to be pipped at the post again as Miles submits the entire Japanese Imperial Army in 28mm on the last day

  2. Terrific work Miles! Those assault guns are very interesting. I did not know that the Japanese had these as part of their arsenal.

  3. Looking good Miles - a great collection for a rarely gamed theatre

  4. Cool stuff Miles. I particularly like the Ho Ro assault guns.

  5. Always contemplated FOW pacific but I did not even get to game a single game of the 3rd edition and now we have 4th oh well still got some Aussies and Japanese floating around, not as nice as yours thought.

  6. Lovely looking Pacific war types, I also wasn't aware of the 150mm self propelled gun, very nice.
    Best Iain

  7. Quite an accomplishment, and a very nice collection.


  8. And the Miles Machine keeps churning them out - nice work! :)

  9. Another Mile paint bomb. Well done sir!

  10. The PTO is shapping up very well, Miles! I still ca't get over that table it is almost as nice as the camouflage on the Japanese tanks! ;)