Monday, 27 March 2017

From PeterD - My Semester's Painting Output

Here's the final shot of everything I got painted except for my Curtgeld, now in transit via Sylvain to Curt.

With the exceptions of the two 15mm A/Cs upfront everything was in 28mm, and except for the A/Cs and my Curtgeld everything was for my SYW Sharp Practice project using figures from the Perry Miniatures AWI range.   The output was as follows:

  • 15th Light Dragoons - 21 mounted figures
  • 87th Foot (Kieth's Highlanders) 31 foot figures
  • Hessian Militia - 13 foot figures
  • Hanoverian engineer and pontooniers - 6 foot figures, 1 mounted figure
  • Hanoverian Jaegers - 6 foot figures
  • Camp scene - 6 foot figures
  • Allied officers - 1 Brunswick General mounted, 1 Hessian artillery foot figure
  • Powder cart with drover on foot and horse
  • Tragardland Croats - 6 foot figures
  • French work crew - 6 foot figures
Enough for a good SP force based on the Highlanders and Light Dragoons, plus support options, ready to fight the Kleine Krieg in the Rhineland.  And a few additions to my French force to oppose them.

If my math is correct that's 80 foot figures (83 including the Breda crew in the Curtgeld), 23 mounted figures plus a horse and wagon.  Plus a 28mm weapon and two 15mm vehicles.

I fell 40 points short of my 800 point target, but that's OK.  My big goal was to get the Highlanders and Dragoons done plus SYW chrome add-ons, and that's what I got done.  Next year, I need to fluff up my French armies on the Rhine .  Maybe I can convince Curt to sell me his Minden figures....

Doofus in Chief (DinC)


  1. Well done Peter - hey you stole my title!

    1. Thanks Miles- I can sell you branding right...

  2. Terrific work Peter. I really enjoyed all your SYW entries, particularly the civilian/at-rest types.

    BTW no way you're getting my Minden lads those are coming up to face off against your British... ;)

    1. Thanks Curt. As long as they are not sitting forgotten...

  3. Excellent productivity. cheers

  4. Very nice collection of figures mate!

  5. that was indeed a fine effort. really enjoyed the 7yw stuff

  6. A great set of figures Peter :)

  7. Great work Peter. Nice job baiting Curt there too...

  8. Thanks Greg. It's all in knowing what red flag to wave and when....

  9. An excellent and productive Challenge. Well done, Peter!

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