Monday, 27 March 2017

NickJ - First Challenge Achievement Unlocked

Once Upon a Painting Challenge.

Well that was certainly an interesting 3 months. I had a plan all laid out. I knew which models I wanted to paint and which week for each unit.

Then reality arrived and I remembered 4 very important facts:
1) I under-estimate how long it takes to paint. Every. Single. Time.
2) Work like to throw my schedule off. Travel abroad for nearly a month? Sure...
3) I'm easy to distract. Painting what I planned? Don't be silly. Pretty sure I just saw a squirrel.
4) Paint Schemes evolve during the painting experience. Sometimes within seconds, sometimes within days.

That said after a 2 year painting drought I was persuaded to join up by JamieM and encouraged by MarkW and the other members of my fabulous group of friends. Thanks to all of them as I've had a ball.

And here is my output:

All 28mm Games Workshop Age of Sigmar figures for a nice little Chaos Army - The Cult of the Pentagram.

And since Curt asked nicely here's a picture taken by the wife...
So time to sign off until next time. Thank you to everyone for their inspiring comments and I've enjoyed seeing so many different periods being painted by so many talented people. Congrats to all.

More units will be added to the army during the year I'm sure so if you ever fancy following the journey you can find me and the rest of the GoGs over on

Enjoy 2017 and see you in December!


  1. Great work Nick. I look forward to following further progress through the year with your group's blog!

  2. Well, since you've just come out of a 2-year painting hiatus I'd day you've done a tremendous job Nick! Those Bloodletters are awesome.

    PS: I like the Punisher touque. ;)

  3. Well done Nick, a great effort.

  4. I really liked these minis and your painting style - really inspiring stuff

  5. Very nice painting on those demons Nick and great blog as well!

  6. Great to have you along this year Nick - nice hat BTW.

  7. Thanks all! The hat is my attempt at a souvenir from my travels to the US!
    Next year I'll show off the Deadpool one :)

    Hope to see you on the blogs!

  8. I would say that a great start to end a drought , well done

  9. A fantastic first year Nick :)

  10. Excellent opening salvo there, Nick, puts my paltry efforts to shame!

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