Monday, 27 March 2017

MartinN: After the challenge is... well, after the challenge

This year wasn't nearly as productive -again- as I had hoped for. Like in all the previous challenges the ugly beast that is real life has intervened and shattered all the carefully laid out plans...

from reading through the closing posts of my fellow co-challengers this seems to be a common issue though.

The fruits of my labour...

At least I was able to get a good start on the Spanish Civil War project Chris and I were talking about for quite some time now and by doing so, more or less accidentally, I also won the SCW side duel with Chris, Curt and Phil. Here I want to take the chance to thank my fellow duelists for a great experience and some lovely eye candy.

This year not all painting was directed towards the challenge as I'm, for the first time, taking part in the Lead Painters League over on the prestigious Lead Adventure Forum. So the figures that will form part of my first entries there are safely tugged away in that ominous red tin box you see on both the pictures. Should you feel curious as to the contents of the boxes you're heartily invited to have a look for yourself once the LPL has started.

...and finally the requested mug shot.
Spring finally holds sway in this part of Germany so I took the chance to spend a few hours away from the brushes, reading and generally enjoying the sun.

Have a great time all of you!


  1. Nick, your work was up to its usual spectacular standards. I'll be watching you closely during the LPL especially as I will be joining it as well! I very much look forward to seeing your work during the LPL. While I typically finish in the middle of the pack I hope you can be our Challenge representative on the podium when it's done in June.

  2. Great stuff! Well done mate. cheers

  3. Great figures all round mate!

  4. Great work Nick, and as I said, inspiring! Hope to see you next Challenge, where you will likely see some of the inspiration finally moving into the stuff I am painting...

    And you are welcome any time for Epic 30k :) I know Curt and I would put on one heck of a huge game in your honour :)

  5. Great work Nick, and as I said, inspiring! Hope to see you next Challenge,

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