Thursday, 16 March 2017

Jez Todd - Goth Scouts -(25 points)

Hi All

Only a small cavalry base so just 20 points to add. This base will be used in the Basic Impetus 2 army options which for the Goths have a cavalry scout unit option. Just did these up quickly and they are two Wargames Foundry figures. Did an arm swap to create the pointing figure and a hand swap  for the other figure just to add variety.

That looks like it will be it for me ... possibly a few extra cavalry and our "Curtgeld" (Matt and I working as team) to post on the weekend.

Thanks to all as really enjoyed being part of the group - time to start playing more games now!

Cheers Jez

Nicely done, Jez! You are not far off in your calculations, but I'm the gleeful fellow that appreciates free hand shields and banners. Plus you performed conversions which my favorites are ones that I can't find ! ;)
Since I am going to be fired in the morning, I'll summon the last bit of minion powers granted by the Snowlord and pip this entry 5 points for shield work and appenadge swap...just don't tell Curt about the side points!
It has been great fun getting to preview your work, The best part of minioning IS the backstage pass for previewing the work. It is supposed to be work, but it seems more like guarding a candy shop!
I do hope you get a few more completed, and do enjoy your game time. Perhaps these freshly painted fellows will avoid the curse and perform exceedingly well...or at least last beyond turn 1! ;)


  1. Great looking scouts Jez. I like the brightly ornamented shields.

  2. Lovely looking Goths, nice and colourful!
    Best Iain

  3. Very nice work Jez. But your title had me expecting young ladies with black eyeliner and Betty Page bangs trying to sell me cookies!

    1. Alternative "Goth Scouts" - disturbing image - my stuff is historical BUT probably a figure out there that actually fits that description OR someone in the challenge can make a conversion?